The Killer Tits of Amaya

The Killer Tits of Amaya

There is stacked and there is super-stacked.

With Amaya May, the stacked rack is natural. She's an Amazon of epic dimensions, over six-feet tall in heels. Amaya spends some quality time in the kitchen. It's just Amaya without a guy blocking the view of her 30 pounds of 38G killer tits.

"I wear a bra most of the time," Amaya said. "They say if you don't wear one, your boobs will start sagging. I think one's a little bigger than the other. The left one. Because when I look at the pictures, sometimes the left one looks bigger.

"I don't like my bras to fit well. I like my bras small. I like a little bulge. Not always. It depends on the situation, where I am and what I'm doing. Whether it's appropriate or not appropriate.

"But no matter what I wear, they're going to be pretty obvious. I can't hide them. If I put on a sweater, they look ginormous, and you would think that's covering them up. The more I cover them up, the bigger they look so it doesn't matter what I put on."

Featuring: Amaya May
Date: July 16th, 2017
Duration: 46

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Simply incredible firm and gigantic breasts. What a woman.
1 year ago 
What a fantastic looking woman! I would love to personally weigh her breasts.

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