Holiday 2005 Score

SCORE: Are there a lot of busty women in Scotland?
Alexis: Yes. We're known for having huge tits, although not as big as
mine. Still, I don't get the looks I might otherwise get because there
are so many big-busted Scottish women.
SCORE: Who has bigger tits, the English women, the Scottish women or
the Irish women?
Alexis: Oh, definitely the Scottish! I mean, I know Linsey Dawn McKenzie is English, and there are a lot of very big-chested English women, but most Scottish women have big breasts, like a C-cup or larger.
SCORE: Does your mother have big boobs, too?
Alexis: Yes, very big! Big boobs run in my family.
SCORE: How big are your breasts?
Alexis: Thirty double-F, UK size.
SCORE: What's the difference between UK size and U.S. size?
Alexis: I think they're a 32 triple-D in the U.S. I don't know how the measurements are figured out. I just know they're different.

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One of the best cast and scene I’ve ever seen on scoreland, bravo!!


Damn, what a woman! Through the years, I've been a member of many sites, and now Scoreland, and this is my very first comment I've ever left on any site among them all! I love Preggos, because they are the ultimate representations of a big breasted, big or small bodied woman!


Many thanks Scoreland, simply Amazing... Best website ever!


Great discovery here guys! Once again Score does right by me and my cock.


OMG...My dream girl does exist! What a beauty, the most spectacular specimen I have ever seen to grace Scoreland. I could spend days between those legs and breasts.


Kaytee Carter is an outstanding New Discovery! Her creamy, natural breasts are spectacular. Those blue-green eyes looking over those melons are the perfect introduction to the Scoreland audience. Well done!


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