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September 2000 Score

Alexis first hit the men's mag scene in 1969 as Joyce Gibson aka Reina. She was 18, and not nearly as stacked as she was when she hit SCORE magazine in March of 93 at 42 years old. A natural at the height of the super implant phase, and a mature woman in a group of 20-somethings did not detract from her enormous appeal. She made it into SCORE six times (her last in May 96). The Alexis Love Story is a video that shows her in all her glory. Her April 96 Voluptuous covergirl issue is killer. Endless speculation over whether her tits were implants or were truly a result of a mid-life hormonal explosion so irritated Alexis that she had tests done at UCLA Medical Center in September of 97 to prove they were natural. Even so. breast fans on the Internet still ask the same tired question. Alexis reportedly now spends her time globetrotting with a weathy boyfriend.
Featuring: Alexis Love
Duration: 20

Member Comments

3 years ago 
And just think - from everything I've read about her, she really didn't start to sprout the super-boobs until she was in her 30's! Be patient younger guys, those girls who are only D's now, might mature into G's or bigger if you give them time.
3 years ago 
I am forever entranced...super hottie classy sophisticated lady Alexis...massive tits, beautiful in every way and all aspects of body and face and a delicious pussy that begs a dive in so one may have the privilege to make that torso and those legs quake...images 6, 10 and 19...mouth watering
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