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A Bike Trip With Alanna

Alanna Ackerman interrupts her bike trip to provide this important "pubic" service announcement. Any huge-boobed chick who will pedal a bike when she's wearing sexy shoes has carte blanche here. "The girls in school would ask me if I took pills to make my breasts large," Alanna says. "I found out later in life it was all jealousy. I have always been able to be nude around people and feel completely comfortable with it. I just got refitted for new bras because I noticed my other bras were getting a bit tight. That confirmed what I had been thinking for some time, that they were still growing. My breasts seem to have grown to the nice, ripe size of 36F. I almost hit the floor when I found this out. My back may hurt from time to time but it's worth it to have these twins." agrees 100%.
Featuring: Alanna Ackerman
Date: March 16th, 2008
Duration: 70

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7 years ago 
Alanna has it all: pretty face, beautiful breasts, lovely hips and shapely legs. What a sweetie she is!
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