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October 2003 Score

It's always a kick to see how newcomers react to the camera and being naked in front of it. There seem to be two distinct types of chicks. The chicks like Brandy, Michelle Bond, Annie Swanson and Jade, who start off with (and often retain) that deer-in-the-headlights look in their eyes. Then there are the chicks like newcomer Alana Ambrose who start off with that knowing, confident, assertively horny look. Who already know how to flaunt their lovely bodies for maximum jack-appeal. Who already know how to use a lube-coated vibrator or dildo better than we do. (That doesn't sound right but you know what we mean.) Have they been practicing for the SCORE cameras in their little bedrooms? Yes, the post-teen university student is a fascinating phenomenon, worthy of much further research. By the time they reach womanhood, there ain't much they haven't fucking tried. How far Alana wants to take nekkid modeling remains to be seen but let's hope it's all the way.
Featuring: Alana Ambrose
Duration: 30
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