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June 2001 Score

If you missed the video clips of Adina worshipping trouser meat, click onto SCORE Theater: Busty Auditions. Then we don't have to tell you how talented she is in the sack. You can see for yourself. This issue, Adina goes for the perennial schoolgirl beach fantasy, although it didn't last long. She stripped down to total nudity very quickly, and then she hit the sandy surf. A Las Vegas local who does indeed pose for college dough (She's a dental hygiene student. Rinse, please.), Adina was a big, big hit with the Cruisers. They loved having photos taken of themselves with her-cradle carrying Adina was a popular pose. Although she was relatively unknown and very quiet, her sweet body was a pleasure to study and photograph. Adina's taste in clothing was also amazing. She wore some of the sexiest outfits and shoes we'd ever seen, and seeing that fantastic body stuffed into tight tops and short-shorts was better than a thrill ride at Universal Studios. If Adina wears that cocktease stuff in…
Featuring: Adina
Duration: 25
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