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Boob Cruise 2000

Lensed on Savannah Bay, British Virgin Islands. A dental hygiene student who had hot dildo sex and more in Busty Auditions, this Las Vegas girl drew one universal statement from every guy on the ship: "One of the sexiest bodies I have ever seen." Very true. Adina's body is magnificent. Personality wise, she was very quiet. The Boob Cruise was unlike anything she's ever done before in her fledgling modeling career. But, we all agreed that as a model, Adina was total, sensuous eye candy. One of the funniest incidents of Boob Cruise 2000 occurred before we even flew out of Miami. Before takeoff, Adina's name was called on the jet's speaker system and she was asked to see the stewardess. It turned out that one of her vibrators kicked off by itself in her suitcase, prompting the alarmed baggage handlers to alert the crew. Considering her studies, we might have also guessed that buzzing sound was an electric toothbrush. Thank you, Adina.
Featuring: Adina
Duration: 25
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