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SCORELAND: Home of Big Tits!

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Katie Thornton
Katie Thornton's Nipple Games
Katie Thornton enjoys the sights of Miami from the terrace. Passing speedboaters are oblivious to this blonde bombshell watching them pass by. That's probably all for the best for their own safety. She's wearing the classic men's magazine lingerie: bra, panties, stockings and heels except there are holes cut in the bra cups so Katie's nipples can poke through.

Why are there holes in the tips of those bra cups?

So Katie can use two miniature breast pumps and elongate her pretty nipples. Katie narrates her adventures in nipple pumping. Here's how they work. A girl simply attaches the mini-pump to her nipple, turns a screw tight and the suction pulls the nipple out. The vacuum keeps the pumps from falling off. There's no bulb to squeeze.

We see each nipple elongation in close-up. Judging by her heavy breathing, oohs, ahhs and moaning, Katie likes the feeling a lot.

"Look how tight and swollen they are," Katie sighs. We know by now that SCORE's Model of the Year winner likes different forms of restraint and body pressure, from ball gags to breast toys like these stick on mini-pumps. She pulls and twists on the pumps then lies back on the and jiggles them faster. Breast stimulation like this, breasturbation, gives Katie a lot of pleasure.

"My nipples are so sensitive. Look how pink they are now," says Katie, totally naked after she removes the pumps and everything else.

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Erin Star
Busty Sister Act Part One
Meet Erin Star, one of the Star sisters from Romania. We'll be seeing Erin's sister Helen next. They're verified, real-life sisters, and they're both amazing girls, bubbly, perky, friendly and built like whoa!

Erin connected with one of our XL Girls in Romania, Mia Sweetheart, who then contacted our photographer, a guy who knows talent when he sees it. Mia explained that SCORE is the real deal.

"This shooting was my first one in my life," Erin said with Helen close by. "It was the most-fun time I've ever had. It was very professional. Everyone on the photo staff was so nice."

Erin is proud of her traffic-stopping rack. "I like to dress sexy and show how busty I am. That gets me a lot of attention and I like it."

Erin (and big sister Helen) will be getting even more attention now. They're our kind of sister act.

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Roxi Red
Roxi In Your Face
Roxi Red was brand-new to big-boob modeling when she debuted at SCORELAND. Now she's super-confident and has her busty moves down. With all of the experience she's picked up, Roxi knows how to angle and dangle her heavy hangers just right to blow away tit-men. There are very few girls who could go boob-to-boob with her. Maserati and Miosotis are the only ones that come to mind for sheer breast size and weight.

Roxi sets the table for dinner and is about to take something out of the fridge when you walk in the door. Forget eating and chill out while Roxi shows you what she's got under the hood. A whole lotta sweatermeat!

"I like to cook for a man and massage him," Roxi said. "Showering together is fun too, soaping each other up and playing with each other until we get so horny, we need to towel off and jump into bed for some fun. Most guys spend a lot of time on my boobs and that's what I like."

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Demmy Blaze
In Praise of Blaze
Demmy Blaze has a pair of the greatest natural breasts in big-boob history and a perfect body. That's a controversial statement that's open to debate so if anyone wants to chime in, feel free. She's in her prime now and her tits and nipples are perfectly shaped. It took a lot of whipped cream to cover them!

From the top of her head to her toes, she's one of the best-built girls to ever pose. And she has no tattoos anywhere. Her only concession to body art is a navel piercing. Maybe there are plenty of other girls out there who rival her but if they don't take that next step and model, none of us will ever know who they are.

Back home, Demmy is also a popular bra and panties model for the company Brazerie. You could go through decades of bra catalogs and never see a girl who came close to Demmy. Sure, there are hundreds of sexy lingerie models but none who have the kind of rack Demmy has. As a model, she considers herself her own toughest critic.

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