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Like the leading lady in a melodramatic European movie, Vanessa Y. is faced with a serious, personal life dilemma. She's decided to shave off her world-famous muff. We follow Vanessa into the bathroom where she first gets her two-piece off and plays with her heavy, natural tits and pussy, proudly sticking them in your face. Naked, Vanessa gets into the tub, covers every part of her bush with shaving cream and picks up a ladies' razor. The moment of truth has arrived. Vanessa is about to begin her shave when she freezes. Should she or should she not? Vanessa can't bring herself to clear bush garden. She knows that the happiness of the Vanessa Y. hair club for men takes first priority.
Featuring: Vanessa Y.
Date: January 21st, 2018
Duration: 16:01

Member Comments

2 months ago 
Will you cum back soon VANESSA with another exciting "moment of truth" ?? to definitely shave your hairy pussy .. or with another "moment of truth" doing some stuff never-seen-before ..??
I do love your yummy hairy beaver, but I d like to see your pussy shaved, once again, for a change. What a tease !
Watching you do that would be so hot and sexy, and then you can let it grow again ..
Hairy pussy or not, I love U VANESSA. Please make it back !
4 months ago 
I wish she would have shaved. Videos like To Kill a Bra and Boobs a Poopin were one of the reasons I joined scoreland.

Don't get me wrong I love Vanessa no matter what. I always watch her newest videos. I will just always love those earlier videos.
4 months ago 
@carney22, you are so correct weneed more big boobs withthe hairiestpussies ever
4 months ago 
Love you Vanessa I agree love the pussy the way it is.
4 months ago 
Interesting dilemma ! and a close shave ..
I love it .. either way.
Her famous hairy beaver is a national treasure, but I�d like to see it trimmed, and bald hairless.. sometime, for a change ! So sexy .. !!
She can always let it grow again, just like she already did a couple of times in the past, or even better! getting it shaved by another woman .. or by a man !
I love her pussy lips, butt cheeks and tight asshole down there, and her cock fantasies with those cream ejections on her at the end ! Hairy or not, Vanessa is beyond amazing.
5 months ago 
Vanessa please dont shave your pussy
5 months ago 
Hairy pussy or not, you are, VANESSA, always! a Goddess with heavenly boobs, an astonishing butt, shapely legs, sexy hands, a beautiful face.. and incredible hotness, intensity and personality.
39 and looking BETTER THAN EVER !! SO HOTT !!!
We definitely need to see you ! as often and as naughty as possible this year, with your deepest Cock Fantasies, and whatever hot stuff you feel like sharing with us, your true fans.
Thank U VANESSA and SG and have fun today !!
5 months ago 
Great to see u back this month Vanessa, hairy pussy or not, I love u one way or another ! Hairy, trimmed or fully shaved !
That wouldn t be the first "shaving" scene , anyway, and I also like to see changes in you, from time to time, to make it all more fascinating and sexy.
Instant boner Vanessa, watching u naked, with your big natural knockers swaying and bouncing slo-mo ! and playing with that long purple dildo (same as in "handle with care"), inserting it deep into your still.. hairy and succulent pussy !
I love it when u bend over, Vanessa, amazing butt and tight asshole !
What a beautiful view from benind at 13:30 OMG !!! that made me cum real hard, for the second time during the video, while u were moaning and groaning !
It is always a nice pairing, Vanessa and big dildos.
Hairy or shaved .. it s all fine with me !!
5 months ago 
Whew! What a tease . . . but what a happy ending! We lovers of naturally hairy women have so relatively few models on whom we can count on that regard, that it would have been a travesty to see lovely Vanessa shorn of her bush . . .

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