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Pull It Out For The Polish Princess

Featuring: Vanessa Y.
Date: December 24th, 2017
Duration: 16:52
Is that a Polish sausage the seductive Polish princess Vanessa Y. has prepared and can't keep her hands off of? It must remind her of something because she can't stop putting it in her mouth and between her big tits. While on-camera, Vanessa speaks in Polish, not English. We don't know what Vanessa murmurs but she makes everything she says sexy. Waiting for you to show up is making her antsy, as in antsy in her pantsy. She peels off her silky robe, and wearing only a bra, panties and black pumps, Vanessa parades restlessly around the kitchen. Giving her big tits some squeezing, Vanessa unhooks her industrial-strength brassiere and tosses it to the side. Climbing onto the kitchen counter, she sticks her hand down her panties and gives her furry pie a pat down. Slipping her panties down her legs, she tosses it straight at you and parades naked around the kitchen, still restless. Vanessa beckons you to the counter, tells you to get on it and puts her hands in your pants to suck and tit-fuck what you've got for her.

What Members are saying about this update...

February 08, 2018
Superb material !! Those POV BJ pics and minutes drive me insane.
What a beautiful and sexy face, green banging eyes and that mouth of hers sucking hard and deep, & "handling" that enormous "dick" !
Great and greedy blow job ! Yeah !
You make me cum once and again Vanessa !!
I d really love to see bigger loads of "jizz" for a whole facial and an oral creampie, Vanessa, in your sexy lips and mouth.. PLEASE !
January 24, 2018
Happy Birthday Vanessa !!
What a magnificent woman, at her best now, 39 and so natural & hot
You always make my cock rock hard!
Keep on rocking ! Can t get enough of you, Vanessa Y.
January 22, 2018
VANESSA ! That juicy ending had me dead & freaking out !
That load of "jizz" in your mouth and chin, all of a sudden.. then you stop for a second, surprised ?? , and then u keep on jerking it hard ! .. every last drop , wow! kinda like expecting some more !!
I loved the last huge load on your cleavage and on your big boobs, in "Fantasy Dream Bang", and the two loads in the Glory Hole scene.
I d love to see a big load, a good facial all over your face, and on your stunning butt cheeks! in one next Cock Fantasy ..
Please Vanessa .. and keep on fantasizing naughty and wild !
I m always looking forward to your next update.
Thanks ! Vanessa & TSG
January 08, 2018
I just love it when Vanessa goes .. "CUM FOR ME !!" "PLEASE CUM FOR ME !!" I hope we can see a lot more, those huge cock-shaped dildos squirting big loads of "jizz" all over Vanessa s pretty face & dripping down her amazing ass cheeks !
She is so sexy ! and those green banging eyes of hers ..
Splendid POV BJ from different angles till the final "cumshot" on her!
December 29, 2017
hope she does a real blow and hand job scene scoreland
December 28, 2017
I adore Vanessa Y. one way or another !
Hairy or shaved pussy. I love them both !
Or a trimmed one for a change .. !
She has had it in all different ways over the years.
And Vanessa even shaved it herself in the shower (the "on location" video) and got it shaved (pussy and asshole and all around) by another beautiful busty queen, in a "lesbian fun" video.
Most fans like it hairy though .. I guess
December 27, 2017
I love her breasts. They are wonderfully sized and shaped, and just about perfect for her body.

Now, I'll be the one to say it - is Vanessa ever going to shave again? The forest between her legs is a turn-off.
December 26, 2017
Once again Vanessa Y. drives me crazy, insane ! with this new scene.
Vanessa and those big squirting "cocks" make a hot team !
You Vanessa really sound sexy in Polish, and also in English.
Please keep talking !!!
That blowjob and that tit-fuck from those camera angles ! are incredibly hot and made me blow my load twice ! So far ..
If you Vanessa had also fucked that kinda huge realistic dildo .. I d still be cumming all over the place !
SO HOT and SEXY ! that load all around your mouth, and on your boobs and legs .. WOW !!
December 25, 2017
Santa has come to town ! Vanessa Y. with us here again, with another fascinating, naughty, hot Cock Fantasy !
A raging boner from you VANESSA !
Can t take my eyes off of the screen. Enjoying every second of it.
Next time please don t forget to also fuck that big dick-shaped dildo in different angles and positions ..
Great Christmas present OMFG !!
December 24, 2017
Wow. Great to see Vanessa once again. So dam sexy looking with her beautiful body and pretty face. Love the way she sounded when she spoke Polish all sexy like. If I were her man, I sure would have a hard time keeping her waiting. I'd be there for her whenever she wanted me to be. And in bed every evening and all weekend fucking and fucking. Perfect tits and amazing ass. Love the bush as well. But would be nice if she took the plunge and did a hardcore xxx scene someday. Wishful thinking, but would be amazing. Jmac would take real good care of her.

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