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A naked Vanessa Y. has been bound and gagged by a black-gloved mystery man. A red rope crisscrosses her breasts and pussy. His hands feel her soft body, play with her big boobs and touch her pointy nipples. She's trapped in a bedroom by this stranger. Helpless on the bed, she can't get away. Vanessa is turned over on her elbows and knees. Her shapely ass is sticking in the air. The stranger feels her cheeks and spanks her. Vanessa smiles and moans.
Featuring: Vanessa Y.
Date: July 23rd, 2017
Duration: 17:15

Member Comments

1 week ago 
Can t wait to see VANESSA Y. beind dominated again, her amazing ass cheeks being spanked, and her round natural boobs, and her whole glorious anatomy being touched, fondled and groped by that lucky mystery man ..
Please bring them back !! for another longer and rougher S&M session, with one big cock-shaped toy included!
She said that she liked it and .. she would do it again !!
Please make it happen ONCE MORE !!
1 month ago 
Craving some more kinky fetish s&m hot stuff from the Polish Goddesss.
Praying for PART 2 of this one !!
"Yes & Yes" VANESSA answered ..!
I really miss you Vanessa and your SEX FANTASIES on camera !
Please "explore" more, deeper, further .. that would be so welcome
2 months ago 
What an overwhelming heat running thru my veins ! The vision of VANESSA s big natural boobs and nipples being touched, groped, and her amazing butt cheeks being spanked !
Please more of this Vanessa "Yes and Yes" !!! and if you could let the anonymous guy touch you all over your body, and make you cum ! hard and loud ! with HIS BARE HANDS..
Awesome hot splendid material. VANESSA cum back soon. U R the best.
3 months ago 
"YES and YES" VANESSA answered ! Please bring back again the Mystery Man, to go harder and longer on you, the way you say you like it, with his bare hands! and some ejaculating toy Sex Fantasy, with loud sexual mutual satisfaction at the end of the S&M session !
4 months ago 
Please VANESSA, cum back with DOMINATED ! PART 2 !!
And if you could let the mystery man play longer with you, with his bare hands! all over your glorious body, kinky S&M style, nasty and slow.. to make you cum hard and loud! and then, in return a Fantasy Finish .. the way you do, with a big "jizz" load on you ..
This video really turns me on, and on .. ! Great material !
4 months ago 
Have a hunger for kinky Vanessa.. being "dominated" again.
She liked the experience and she would do it again, Yes & Yes !
Hope to see her "being controlled and dominated" just the way she says she likes it, gagged, tied-up and spanked a bit longer ! and with that lucky anonymous guy finishing the treatment to make Vanessa cum !! .. and Vanessa, in return, doing whatever she feels like with him (or to one of those big squirting realistic toys!)
Just can t wait ! wow!
5 months ago 
Can t wait to see you back here VANESSA Y. with more breathtaking S&M Domination action.
"YES & YES" U said ! U liked the "Dominated!" experience, and U would do it again !!
And the December 24th POV Fantasy BJ scene was a fantastic Christmas gift !!! THANK U SO MUCH !!
I love your dark, kinky, naughty, nasty side a lot !
Please some more and longer BDSM action ! I really like the "anonymous guy" concept, and if you Vanessa let him touch you a bit more with his bare hands.. to end up with another Cock Fantasy .. or whatever naughty "happy ending" you might come up with ..
Thank U Vanessa & TSG ! And Hot & Happy 2018 !
7 months ago 
Almost 500 Favorites and counting.. Vanessa Y. !!
Wouldn t it be nice to see u back here, with some more hot stuff !
Before the end of the year, for a naughty kinda Christmas present for all your fans !
Dominated! Part 2 ! with the anonymous guy touching u with his bare hands and fingers, all over your stunning anatomy, pleasuring u good & loud! and a big rubber shaft into motion, missionary face to face, riding & reverse! & also doggie, your favorite position Vanessa, u said.. making his "cock" squirt twice.. two big loads on your pretty face & on your amazing butt cheeks & crack, dripping down your fuckholes .. Ohh Goddess Vanessa ..
Please cum back with MORE !
That s my wish for .. Christmas & 2018 !
7 months ago 
"Yes & Yes" Vanessa answered ! She liked it & she d do it again !
Craving some new material from Vanessa Y. this year !!
25Y TSG ! plus Vanessa s 2nd VMag throne in a row !
Any hot surprise before the end of 2017 ..??!!
Vanessa really left us wanting MORE in July ..
S&M, Cock Fantasies (only one in 2017 .. so far ..)
Please bring the "mystery man" back! to finish the job he started ..
8 months ago 
My dick has not been this HARD for years !!
MORE !! BDSM stuff and Cock Fantasies please !!
And don t forget that anonymous guy !
Thank you Vanessa Y. for all the pleasure you provide.
9 months ago 
What a LUCKY GUY this anonymous mystery man is !!!
I never saw you Vanessa.. touched (and fondled & spanked!) by a MAN !!!
First time ever !
Let that music play on.
I hope Vanessa allows him to get luckier .. in some other fetish scenes.. with his bare hands all over her body ..! and with a big squirting rubber shaft !
Vanessa, I've always loved your kinky side.
You do it so natural and intense! and enjoying it !
Keep on rocking !
9 months ago 
So excited and thrilled ! to see the Polish Queen touched, fondled and her amazing, round, big, natural boobs being groped, and her hard nipples squeezed & pinched .. by some MALE !!! hands (shame gloves...) for the very first time on camera ! WOW !
Luckily enough, next time the anonymous guy will also touch & rub her glorious clit, her hairy big labia & her beautiful tight asshole .. in sexy doggy position, with VY s stunning butt cheeks up in the air, being slapped & spanked again, with HIS bare hands..
Vanessa Y + a guy .. hands .. or whatever body part Vanessa wishes.. and make her smile & moan, is definitely a fantastic mix !!
CUM BACK VANESSA ! with another guy & squirting sex toys & longer SM fun ! U R THE KINK QUEEN.
Don t stop at the top !
9 months ago 
Unleash more S&M Fantasies like this please Vanessa .. soon!
with the anonymous stranger fondling you, all over your amazing natural body, with his bare hands, touching your hairy pussy and rubbing your clit down there, with some anal play maybe also .. making you cum in loud pleasure .. and then, in return .. u Vanessa pleasuring the guy, cock fantasy style, giving him good satisfaction and relief !
with a big final load on you Vanessa ..
I like your outfit in this video very much !
So damn hot & sexy !
U R the best Vanessa.
Cum back soon !
9 months ago 
I m already missing you Vanessa.. make it back asap !
Two-time VMag Model of the Year & 25th TSG Anniversary !
Give us someting hard to forget VANESSA Y. & to celebrate !!
One Fantasy and one POV so far �17 .. (so good but please MORE !)
Please, please MORE BDSM and COCKS FANTASIES !!
Luckily enough for us with longer bondage sessions, rubber shafts in different angles and positions.. and big load endings on your pretty face and amazing body Vanessa.
Always mind blown.
9 months ago 
This scene with Vanessa s kinky fetish side, keeps making my dick harder & harder.. particularly the first few bondage minutes !
Some of Vanessa s areas are still begging to be explored, at the end of the scene.. and stimulated by the male bare hands..
I was expecting (part 2 ??!!) the "stranger" to finish the masturbation job.. rubbing her pussy labia, clit and tight yummy asshole maybe .. and fingering her till her orgamic loud explosion !
Vanessa was smiling & moaning with enjoyment & asking for more !
Still mind blown.
Come back soon Vanessa with more of this !!
10 months ago 
Stunning breathtaking Vanessa S&M fetish style, hotter than hell during the bondage part of the video !
Amazing natural bouncing boobs while being groped and fondled by that mysterious guy (YES! MALE !) .. her yummy hard nipples being pinched & her glorious ass cheeks in the air well spanked ! while she smiles and moans !! WOW !!
That part makes me cum endlessly ! OMFG!
The heavenly vision of Queen Vanessa being touched by a MALE takes me to higher places.
Please Vanessa MORE!
And finish the job with the guy ! fantasy or not ..
10 months ago 
I'm so taken aback and shocked !
WOW Vanessa ! Can't wait to see you again in the bondage session
"Come on! Let's start AGAIN ! " OMG !
I'd love to see you being dominated again soon, and also once more, like in the glory hole, with two "cocks" but with more banging action, sucking and getting fucked at the same time! and ready for some big loads !
A facial & oral creampie please !
Vanessa's Cock Fantasies rule !
One of the best things I've ever seen in this great website.
Thanks for sharing your Fantasies with us Vanessa !!
10 months ago 
Vanessa Y. is still, in her late 30s, and after all these years, the hottest woman I have seen in years.
After two weeks, I can t take my eyes off of this amazing video !
Keep them coming !
10 months ago 
So damn hot !!!
Vanessa' s got looks and bondage manners that kill ! in those superb absolutely sexy first few minutes while being bound and dominanted !
Let her start again !!
I'd love to see a kinky submissive Vanessa doing naughty bad things to the "stranger mystery man", fantasy style, with one of those big realistic jizz-shooters !
Kinky Vanessa !! WOW!
10 months ago 
A raging boner ! OMFG ! from U Vanessa, seeing u like that., kinky bondage side.. being bound, gagged, chained and then fondled and spanked !! and the way u like it and ask for more !
I love the "little sexy noises" that u make, with approval, when the guy grabs and pinches your nipples, and u get turned on.. SO HOT !
Can t wait to see the next minutes ! VANESSA WANTS MORE !!!
So do I ! "Come on! lets start again!!"
10 months ago 
Diamond Vanessa Y. bound, gagged, groped and spanked ! and she smiles and moans, pleased and exited.
Thank god! (and TSG and Vanessa! lol!) her fetish, kinky side is back with some more amazing S&M stuff, for a few minutes ..
Hope she comes back SOON with longer "Kink Fantasies" and to satisfy the "mystery stranger", again being "controlled and dominated" to make him explode aswell! all over her !
Superb material here !!
11 months ago 
Completely mesmerized and fascinated.
Vanessa has always been a distinguished BDSM devotee, and not only she says she likes it, in her personal life too, but also you can tell by her joyful face that she is really enjoying it !
And SHE WANTS MORE !!.. "Come on, let s start again!" SO DO WE !
And so does the "mystery man" for sure !!
A second BDSM session with the guy ! so he can get some good relief, and you Vanessa, enjoy the whole experience to the fullest !
And so do we !
Spellbound !
11 months ago 
Great news to see this natural Goddess VANESSA Y. doing some BONDAGE again! and also good to know that she really enjoys it! both in the scenes -joyful smiling mesmerizing sexy face of pleasure all the time- and in her real life, and that she ll do it again HERE !
Seeing her being fondled, boobs and nipples, by that guy ! (lucky HIM!) her ass cheeks spread, slapped and spanked !! while she moans and smiles and asks for more ! feels just like HEAVEN !
Cum back soon VANESSA! to also satisfy the "black-gloved mystery stranger" .. hotter than hell after playing with your stunning body! and watching your cock-stiffening show and your loud orgasm.
11 months ago 
Holy fuck ! Splendid BDSM kinky material ! WoW Vanessa !
Enthusiastic and excited to see you V.Y. shooting again!! this type of bondage cosplay scenes that you.. & I like so much !
"Let s start again!" "Yes, I like it and I ll do it again" YEAH VANESSA!
Eager to see the second part asap !!
I go crazy with your dark, kinky side, and hope to see you in more BDSM scenes, pleasuring in every possible way you like, "mystery anonymous strangers" till they shoot their loads all over you.. body and face, just like in your Cock Fantasy videos.. and more ..!
Thank U Vanessa for providing so much pure pleasure.
11 months ago 
Wow ! Yeah ! Vanessa !
Bliss and joy running thru my veins with this kinky material.
So unexpected and so damn hot !!
Bound and gagged, helpless on the bed, and the mystery man going on you.. touching, fondling your round natural boobs, pointy nipples, and juicy hairy pussy lips, and SPANKING HARD! YOUR GREAT BUTT CHEEKS!! once and again and again .. and you Vanessa looking at him, on your elbows and knees, smiling and moaning, and begging for more .. THAT WAS HOT !!
Yes,yes! please !! DO IT AGAIN !! and make the dude cum aswell !
Cock Fantasy or for real ..??
Great summer treat !!!
11 months ago 
Here cums Vanessa, hotter & kinkier than ever before to levave us breathless and speechless .. and drained.. and wanting more !
This fantasy fetish scene captures Vanessa s kinky-naughty-nasty side, firing on all cylinders! to drive us all completely crazy !
I really hope you Vanessa will share on camera with us, some more deeper kinky S&M fetish FANTASIES of yours.. with also some "cocks" (as many as possible cock-shaped dildos) pleasuring you, filling your wet holes & sexy mouth, and giving you the final gift of BIG "cumshots", to fulfill the whole KINK EXPERIENCE !
Thanks a lot for this ride VANESSA.
11 months ago 
Can t take my eyes off this amazing scene and pictorial Vanessa .
And world PREMIERE ?!?
As far as I remember and if my memory serves me right, first-time-ever !! Vanessa Y. is touched and groped.. boobs, nipples, butt cheeks and pussy lips .. by MALE hands on camera!!
The black-gloved mistery man !! Yeahh !!
I really like both things: Vanessa getting turned on by the touch of a man on camera !! and the guy being anonymous !
Plus the whole kinky situation witn Vanessa being tied-up, groped, gagged, chained, spanked.. enjoying the experience of being controlled & dominated, asking for more.. smiling and moaning..
"YES & YES " WOW !
Great to hear that she will do it again !
Please Vanessa, don t forget next time your "big boys" so you can also satisfy the "stranger" and leave him "drained"! Fantasy Style..
11 months ago 
Mind-blowing cock-stiffening superb material Vanessa !!
I read that you like occasionally "rough sex, biting, spanking" and It s been awhile since your three S&M videos.. so I m really cheerful and delighted to see U here VANESSA Y. (much kudos ! TSG!) in this new breathtaking fetish kink scene !!!
Looking forward already to seeing u in the second part of this! asap!

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