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Voted Vmag Model of the Year for the second time, Vanessa Y. has some kind of mammary mojo going on. The Polish pleaser gets a large load of lengthy comments every time a new scene of her is posted at SCORELAND. Hardcore scenes don't reach the number of comments and favorites that Vanessa's scenes get. We first see Vanessa on the terrace. She's wearing a red, sheer bodystocking and black boots under a coat. The bodystocking is designed to expose her bush. Vanessa comes in from the cold and snow and walks over to the chair where you're waiting. Waiting for her to do her magic. Vanessa does an exotic show for you, playing with her big tits, licking her nipples, spreading her pussy lips wide so you can delight in her pink wetness, sticking her ass cheeks in your face, gyrating and swiveling her beautiful, statuesque body.
Featuring: Vanessa Y.
Date: June 17th, 2017
Duration: 15:47

Member Comments

2 months ago 
VANESSA Y. can t wait to see another hot sex fantasy ! Another "job" from you, with a a big toy. If only you could stick it a little bit longer ! in your juicy and hairy pussy, also some doggy style and other positions, and a bigger load all over your pretty face.
A real hand job, tit job and/or blow job would definitely blow my mind ! Any chance Vanessa.. of you going for the real thing ?? That would be so awesome.. history !
7 months ago 
Craving some MORE new scenes and pictorials Vanessa !
U left us going crazy in summer, and I can t wait to see u here again.
Some more breathtaking, naughty, mind-blowing Cock Fantasies or S&M stuff or any hot surprise u might think of, Vanessa.
A raging boner from U very single time.
A natural force of nature.
10 months ago 
This stacked all-natural Polish beauty is unique, and seeing her playing with realistic toys is a sublime pleasure.
Craving some more scenes with "cocks" Vanessa ! and their jizz-ejections on you. That s priceless !
Only this "cock" movie this year, so far .. after your 2nd-in-a-row Voluptuous Model of the Year !! and your astonishingly HOT 1st Cock Fantasy, and the mind-blowing, jaw-dropping Glory Hole ! with a couple of "big dongs" !!! in 2016.
You Vanessa always do a great job with a lot of NATURAL INTENSITY! but it takes a helluva skill & effort to handle .. suck & fuck those kinda huge "pricks" ! OMG!
Maybe with smaller, "average" lol! but still realistic! cock-shaped dildos.. we could see u more! sliding them in & pounding harder and longer... PLEASE VANESSA !
What a great, horny & natural attitude U have Vanessa !!
10 months ago 
My blood pressure and my cock go higher real fast every time I see VANESSA playing with cock-shaped dildos the way she does !
She is just like heaven.
Maybe with a smaller, more realistic (that one is kinda huge!) dick-shaped sex toy, and some extra lube, Vanessa could give us all more minutes of good banging in various positions !
She is so sexy, horny & naughty with those "pricks" omg !
Only ONE Cock Fantasy this year, so far...
More of this and more bondage sessions ! WOW !!! with also a "dick" like here !
Thank U Vanessa for all the epic moments of pleasure.
11 months ago 
Vanessa always makes me blow my load in her POV fantasy sex scenes, long before the end of the video, and then again with the "cream ejections" !!
I d love to see her again! handling & pleasuring more than one big "cock", sucking on one & getting fucked at the same time, and with some more "dick" sliding in her juicy hairy pussy, in more positions and angles, to end up getting an oral creampie and a facial..
Sexy natural splendid body, a horny attitude & hot performances each & every time from this Polish GODDESS !!
Please don t make us wait too long !
I already miss u here this summer.
11 months ago 
Congratulations VANESSA ! 400+ favorites already & counting ! plus Voluptuous Model of the Year ! 2 in a row ! Great year !!
What do you have in mind Vanessa to make the 2017 celebration unforgettable ?!
I d love to see you play naughty sex games with 2 or 3 of your cock-shaped big toys, in a Wild Fantasy, stroking them hard all around you, giving them sloppy BJs, taking them in turns in your wet hairy pussy by way of numerous positions, getting slammed and jerking and sucking at the same time ! and eventually taking a faceful of "jizz", and another big cumshot, right after doggy, with some more "spunk" dripping down both of your beautiful fuckholes, in between your splendid butt cheeks..
What an epic Fantasy & great treat for us, your fans, that would be !
That would make us blow our loads endlessly !
I m always horny for U VANESSA Y. and graced by the presence of your jaw-dropping natural beauty, whatever u do..
11 months ago 
@SlowhandRob, I agree ! Hard to handle Tease & Denial OMG ! with the real cock in his black jeans with no chance .. lucky guy though !
I wish I was in his position witnessing VANESSA in my face ! doing the things she does there !
Right afterwards, when the scene was done, I d have to run to some private place to stroke my hard as a rock burning cock ! and cum several times ! OMFG !!
Blue-balls for weeks & spellbound, mesmerized for months !!
Quite an embarrasing situation with Vanessa still around.. lol !
She is a Natural Queen of Hotness & Sexiness.
11 months ago 
I wish this video was a bit longer ! to see u Vanessa bouncing and riding that huge stiff dick in many different ways, and then getting a second big load, right in your mouth and face, or on some other places of your awesome anatomy..
"Your satisfaction is her satisfaction" No doubt about it !
Satisfaction always guaranteed with u VANESSA.
11 months ago 
Vanessa .. "She wants to do other things to your shaft" !
Couldn t agree more ! and "Cum for me !" my fav words from U !
Good effort of you Vanessa with that huge "cock" hard to handle !
Hotter than hell! watching you trying to put it in your mouth to suck it, glorious amazing titty fuck! with the anonymous guy thrusting that "big dick" between your splendid big natural boobs, and then riding "the monster" as deep inside your hairy pussy as possible!
In forthcoming POV fantasy scenes, please Vanessa !! .. tell the guy to change positions, so you can also get fucked by that "big boy" reverse cowgirl, doggy, missionary, waterfall, ballet dancer.. or any way you like it Vanessa ! with the guy moving and ramming you good, making "it" cum 2 or 3 times, till you reach your loud & wild orgasm !!
Thanks a lot Vanessa & SG ! and keep them cumming !
More POV stuff please !!!
12 months ago 
Wow Vanessa ! .. melting the snow with that red sheer bodystocking, boots and coat .. amazingly sexy.
We need to see you now in a Sun Job !! for Summertime !!
A good tan, outdoor action with those "big dongs" of yours (two of them ? like in the GH or a Fantasy with more.. !?) and several loads all over your face and body .. for an epic end to remember !!
That is one hot Fantasy of mine Vanessa ! How about that ?
U keep me burning !!!
Summer or winter !
U R my all-time Top 1 Model here.
12 months ago 
ASStonishing Vanessa !!!
Her ass makes me cum again & again.
So glamorous & sexy in those red fishnet stockings & boots! OMFG
Burning up with Vanessa sticking her ass cheeks in our face & spreading her pussy lips! Just like Heaven.. & then that glorious minute of "Ass Job"!!
I wish we could see her some other time riding reverse cowgirl and doggie ! that big "dick", maybe with some extra lube and the guy in different positions And cumming 2 or 3 times !
Thank U Vanessa & SG for this amazing POV scene !!
1 year ago 
Can t stop watching it, over & over again !! lol!
Yeah Vanessa !
What a great Tit Job !! and then Ass Job ! and Hand & Blow Jobs for a happy ending, with all that "jizz" on Vanessa s hand, chin & neck !
A whole facial next time Vanessa please ..
Amazing Job !!
1 year ago 
Summertime already today ! and Vanessa Y. coming in from the cold to do HER MAGIC !
This is a HOT thrilling and exciting mix !
Vanessa and those big "cocks" make a beautiful & successful team !!
Can t get enough of her SEX FANTASIES.. better & better!
I really hope she will give us some more hot stuff, this SUMMER, to see her again with TWO "COCKS"! (GH Encore type of thing), and even better, with THREE of them?! to beat her personal best, so far..
That would be an epic & memorable event !!
What a whole lotta COCKS FANTASY .. with as much penetrations, banging action with 2 cocks at the same time & "jizz" as possible !
Trying to figure that out makes me hard !
THANK U Vanessa & TSG for listening & for letting us share all this!
A new era of Sex Fantasies has just begun IMO.
Hopefully the best is yet to cum !
1 year ago 
I agree Lu.D.! THAT ASS is a work of art !
Vanessa s glorious round bubble butt should be declared officially one of the Natural Wonders of the World !
I wish we could see more banging action, with different positions & angles, of Vanessa s breathtaking BOOTY ! also riding on top reverse cowgirl & from behind doggie style, & making one of those big cock-shaped dildos squirt a good load all over her !
I m going slighty mad ..m lol!
1 year ago 
That ass just never stops exciting me every time I see it. Nice butt and tits.
1 year ago 
An extremely hot encore to Ms. Vanessa's Aug 23 2016 shoot. I still feel sorry for the guy wearing the stunt cock, serious T&D and probably leaving him with blue-balls. Keep up the good work Vanessa Y.
1 year ago 
She moves like a cat and teases like an exotic stripper Queen, Yeah !
Those red-hot elegant fishnet stockings and the high-heeled black boots ! just WOW !!!
She could melt all that snow !
"Hotter than hell & like a fine wine" ! Definitely.
The VISION of VANESSA Y. wearing that SEXY! lingerie.. cowgirl position! straddling "him" ..facing forward, and kinda squatting.. for a lil while, drove me crazy !
And Vanessa s ASS-JOB, reverse cowgirl style, with that "big cock" trapped in there.. up & down in between her glorious butt cheeks OMFG !!!
Quite a good & naughty surprise ! Yeah!
Even though I was also hoping some more real banging in that sexy hot position.. Fair enuff !
Please next time Vanessa ?! and please some doggie !! for a great view of your magnificent ass cheeks & tight nice lil butthole!
Doggie with another "big cumshooter" in your mouth would be epic!
And a good facial ? (getting closer ! Thank U Vanessa & SG !!) would be also deeply appreciated !
Just proposing & looking forward to your next mind-blowing Fantasies !
1 year ago 
i did .......... i wanted to see reverse cowgirl penetration as well
1 year ago 
Like the good wine, Vanessa is more beautiful than ever with the time. She's a real goddess and I really love her :)
Warm kisses from France my dear Vanessa !
1 year ago 
Third Cock Fantasy ! with a man standing there..
If I was him, I couldn t film HER without shaking .. lol ! & OMG my purple-helmeted warrior would massively explode in a couple of minutes .. & again & again.. during the scene.. and afterwards !
VANESSA Y. really makes me real hard with her naughty Fantasies.
Don t ever stop fantasizing like this Vanessa, and THE MORE cock-shaped squirting dildos, at the same time, THE BETTER !!
The GH Fantasy was epic !
Vanessa Y.. WOW !!! U just made my day !!
Cum back soon with more hot & naughty Fantasies !
1 year ago 
Vanessa is hotter than hell.

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