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The Busty Hitcher Who Came In From The Cold

Featuring: Vanessa Y.
Date: April 8th, 2017
Duration: 15:55
First off, congratulations to Vanessa Y., voted Voluptuous Model of the Year for the second time. The entire line-up of candidates was a power crew. Wrote editor Dave in May 2017 V-mag, the contest results edition, "Vanessa becomes the fifth V-Girl to take the crown two straight years. The others were Sharday, Nicole Peters, Renee Ross and Joana Bliss. Vanessa becoming the fifth doesn't surprise us one iota. She's a girl who keeps getting better and keeps drawing rave reviews. Some examples: 'As good as it gets.' 'A dream come true.' 'Vanessa looks absolutely incredible.' 'Such a timeless beauty.' 'She seems to keep getting sexier.'" Welcome back, Vanessa, who's freezing her shorts-clad tush off on a snowy European road trying to get a lift from passing motorists. Finally, you stop when Vanessa lifts up her wooly sweater to reveal her world-famous breasts busting forth in an uplifting bra. She really is traffic-stopping. When you pull over, Vanessa lifts up her sweater again to seal the deal.

What Members are saying about this update...

June 10, 2017
Upcoming Vanessa Y. June 17 !!
Music to my ears & a treat to my eyes ! Great news, yeaahh !!!
Just wondering what type of snow job that will be ..
"The busty hitcher who came from the cold", and the lucky anonymous driver, having the time of his life ?!
or a naughtier job for a different guy ?
Holy fuck ! Hard dick just thinking about it ! lol
Whatever it is, it s gonna be cock-stiffenning superb material.
That promo image is so intriguing.. Vanessa laying there, "cock" in hand & mouth, long hair, banging eyes, those round natural boobs.. red-hot lingerie & black boots, up in the air, apparently heel to heel... CAN T WAIT TO SEE U VANESSA !
There s only one thing better than Vanessa Y. with a "big cock", and that is Vanessa with 2 or more "cocks" !! and lots of jizz on her !
Snow Job !! One week to go !!
Every time I see you Vanessa with "cocks", my heart beats a million miles an hour !
Final countdown .. VANESSA U R THE BEST.
April 25, 2017
Let s hope we can enjoy your goodies in May again Vanessa, and OFTEN pls!!! after your 2nd in a row "Voluptuous Model of the Year".
Can t get enough of you !
Please don t lose any more weight, imo, you are perfect now !! flawless and naturally stacked in your late 30s, wow !
I admit I wouldn t mind some extra pounds where it counts, just like sometime ago here, when u were at the peak of your voluptuosity !
Whatever u do & whatever weight U R THE BEST.
Cum back to celebrate a horny spring sunny time !
We salute U Vanessa Y. from Spain.
April 18, 2017
Imo, Vanessa Y s Cock Fantasies are much HOTTER than most real XXX scenes !! She s taking this style to a new naughty high level.
If she ever decides (hope so..) to go eventually.. for the "real thing, to me, an ANONYMOUS cock, from a regular guy of her choice, would be far hornier and naughtier! rather than the usual type of scene (which would be of course also welcome ! lol!)
Just an opinion, if that is ever the case.. VANESSA...
April 14, 2017
Vaneesa Y is back and melting the winter snow !!
Amazing highly sensual strip-tease & masturbation performance, in front of that lucky! anonymous driver..
If I was him, omg! I d be going totally mad ! with a huge erection, ready to explode any minute !
And .. TO BE CONTINUED .. in Prague ! Vanessa says ..
Let s hope we ll see the naughty end of the story soon !! and what Vanessa has on mind to thank the guy for the lift ... as she says..
April 11, 2017
I said I'd grab this when I got home. And I'm Glad I did
Love that LadyBush
April 10, 2017
this is my fave lady
April 09, 2017
Welcome back! Just love her body figure. She is amazing!
April 09, 2017
Vanessa is great,i can watch every video from here because she never did one with a men in it. She is very natural too.
April 08, 2017
This weekeend just got a lot better !!
GREAT NEWS to have the Polish Princess back !!
Hope this is just the beginning of a breathtaking unforgattable 2017 here with VANESSA Y. !!
Vanessa has just made my day!
Just WOW !!!!!

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