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As we know, Vanessa Y. loves her beer. And when out drinking beer at a local pub, ladies have to tinkle so Vanessa visits the girls' room. This one is a real hole in the wall, literally. It's festooned with holes. Vanessa feels a need to relieve herself after she relieves herself so she decides to have a little rubdown before rejoining her girlfriends at the table. Meanwhile, on the other side of the walls, peeping pervs who work at the pub are spying on her. Two of them stick their cocks through the glory holes and wait to find out what Vanessa will do. And what Vanessa does is satisfying for all three of them as she sucks and jacks them until they eject their cream all over her big tits! Vanessa Y. has some really horny fantasies to explore at SCORELAND.
Featuring: Vanessa Y.
Date: December 15th, 2016
Duration: 19:02

Member Comments

21 hours ago 
VANESSA Y. and her Sex Fantasies rock this site !
Thank U TSG for having this Polish Goddess here.
I like (so much.. !!) these type of scenes, specially this one with two "cocks" at the same time .. VY going wild on both of them, stroking, sucking, titfucking them, and also taking one of them from behind .. SO HOT !
I d really love to see her getting on all fours, with that seductive look of hers, sucking and getting fucked doggy style at the same time, to finally get two big "cumshots" on her face and ass, fantasy style.
Luckily enuff for us .. PLEASE MORE SEX FANTASIES from this QUEEN.
Any special TREAT in sight .. for us, your fans, this year ??
Cum back soon VANESSA !
1 month ago 
VANESSA at her best, naughtier than ever.
Nothing quite like this GH fantasy sex scene, nothing so exciting from the Polish Queen since this glory day ! in the glory hole !
Please VANESSA !! MORE SEX FANTASIES with "cocks" !!
I like her kinda surprise faces, the natural way she sucks and handles the two "cocks", and the way she gets fucked fron behind !!
Hot performace, full of energy, and great to see her so ready, and willing, and eager to get those loads all over her boobs .. and the way Vanessa strokes the "big dicks" hard ! after shooting their loads .. every last drop !
And bigger loads for a proper facial and an oral creampie, please !
3 months ago 
Definitely one of my fav scenes ever, VANESSA.
And TWO big cock-shaped squirting toys !!
Please, more stuff like THIS !
With 2 or 3 realistic dildos, sucking and getting fucked at the same time ! and then cumming on your beautiful face and splendid ass ! OMG !!
"Vanessa Y. has some really horny fantasies TO EXPLORE at SCORELAND" YEAHH !!
Couldn t agree more ! PLEASE Vanessa, keep on EXPLORING HERE !
6 months ago 
My fav scene Vanessa .. so far ! A naughty GH and two "cocks" !
Hopefully u will deliver some more fantasy stuff like this, with 2 or more big "cock-shaped" squirting dildos !
I d really like to see u with one in your pussy, doggy style, and another one in your sexy mouth, at the same time! and then cumming hard on you.. on both ends ! two big "jizz" loads ..
U Vanessa really keep me burning !!
Hope to see you asap.. 2017 ?? Luckily enough for us Vanessa ...
6 months ago 
Please Vanessa ! "explore" MORE "horny fantasies" and share them with us here !
This year 2017 only the Snow Job (awesome!) with a squirting realistic dildo, and the Dominated! Fantasy (SM for a few hot minutes.. I wish that part lasted longer ...!)
I ve seen you Vanessa in rougher BDSM videos before, with another girl, being punished and dominated, but never with a guy (anonymous), or with two squirting big "dicks" (superb GH scene!) like HERE !
Much kudos !
8 months ago 
"Vanessa Y. has some really horny FANTASIES to EXPLORE at SCORELAND"
YEAHH ! Music to my ears !
This was Dec 2016 and we ve seen some good stuff from the Polish Goddess so far this year !
It s never enough though .. lol!
A couple of Fantasies: this GH with two "big dicks" in there (superb material!) and the amazing SM scene where she is dominated for a little while! plus two more POV scenes with big realistic toys.
I read Vanessa, in an interview, that u have already fulfilled ALL ! your sexual fantasies !!!
U Vanessa really take xxx toying to higher places.
9 months ago 
Cum back soon with "cocks" and more bondage stuff !
Can't wait to see u again with those realistic cock-shaped dildos, and those cream-ejections on u !
I'd love to see u suck & fuck 2 "cocks" again (or even 3 gangbang fantasy style) with 2 of them at the same time, mouth and pussy, and some big big loads at the end, on your pretty face and splendid body
U Vanessa make me wanna cum more than any other woman !
Thank u Vanessa for being here.
VY 4EVER !!!
9 months ago 
Top 1 Vanessa Y. scene to me !
Mesmerizing pretty face, splendid natural shape, sexy skimpy outfit!
Kinky kinda sleazy place, GH! Yeah! great for a naughty fantasy!
Great choice ! And not only 1, but 2 !!! "big dick shafts" to stroke, kiss, suck and fuck!
Great titty-fuck action and a couple of loads on her !
Only I wish all that "JIZZ" could reach a bit further !!
Vanessa is a great natural performer and she seems to be expecting eagerly & with satisfaction, the loads on her pretty face & mouth too, only 1 or 2 inches away from the "cocks" ! Imo.. lol!
They aim & shoot, but not reaching the whole target ! for a good FACIAL! --and ORAL CREAMPIE, if the loads are big enough!--
Maybe next time ! Please Vanessa, 2 "cocks" (or more..)
Always GREAT to see this Goddess enjoying during the scene, in that sexy & natural way! & making us also enjoy this MUCH !!
Thank U Vanessa for sharing your Fantasies here with us! and TSG.
9 months ago 
Vanessa Y. with TWO big "pricks" cumming in turns on her ! just can t be beaten !
More than 2.. ?! or the real thing with one ..?!
Best scene so far, imo, with more than one "cock" this time!, "fantasy style", and "cream-ejections"!.. that look so good on you V.Y... OMG
Hopefully she has "blowbang-gangbang fantasies" too, to share with us sometime soon ! Ohh Vanessa ..
Love to see u sucking, stroking and fucking at the same time!! , and getting all that "jizz" all over your stunning body and face ..
I m dreaming of that and I hope you do too..
1 year ago 
My fav Vanessa Y. s video of all time so far..
Please give us some more stuff like this Vanessa !!!!
Two "big cocks" are better than one ! Thank u !
The more "cocks" and banging action, in different angles and positions, the better !!!
I d like to enjoy watching your stunning round ass a bit longer ..!
1 year ago 
Drooling & looking forward to seeing you again Vanessa with 2 or more!! "Big Boys", doing bad naughty things to them, and making them shoot their loads!
Your Cock Fantasies rule !
How about one hot scene in a GYM .. sexy tight outfit, dancing to some loud music & shaking your amazing ass, some twerking!! bending over.. boobs bouncing.. and riding one of those dildo-bikes!
and then some dick fantasy action, with a dildo on the gym mirror, and more big realistic dildos in the shower or in the gym locker room, GH style !!, just like here, with several "cream" ejections on you Vanessa .. wow !!
What a horny cock-stiffening Fantasy that would be !!!!
Just proposing !
Thank U Vanessa for being here.
1 year ago 
I never get tired of watching your hot Cock Fantasies scenes V.Y.!
It really shook me! seeing you with those big realistic dildos, last year, for the first time ever! stroking, licking, sucking & fucking em!
And I really like the way you squeeze every last drop! when they shoot those loads on you.. wow!
Keep em cumming ! The more "cocks" & "jizz" the better, all over your amazing body & beautiful face..
Always the hard-on of the decade! with every new Fantasy of yours Goddess Vanessa Y. !!
Dream on !! Naughty & Often !!
1 year ago 
Vanessa Y. Polish Princess of natural and voluptuous beauty, we need you now !
You always bring pure sexiness and tons of lustful lubricious joy.
We miss your pretty face, that long hair, hot lips and those deep green banging eyes of yours.. let alone those awesome round titties, that splendid hip, nice long legs, beautiful hands, and that stunning amazing bubble butt !
Please Vanessa Y. and TSG, don't make us wait too long !
We need you back with your Fantasies !!
1 year ago 
Really looking forward to seeing some new naughty rough Fantasies fulfilled ! from this stunning breathtaking Polish natural Goddess !
Please.. asap !
1 year ago 
Oh Vanessa .. hope u been fantasizing quite a lot !
Counting weeks & days.. praying for your return this year..
Still so taken aback & shocked with your Dream Bang & Glory Hole horny Fantasies..
Can't wait to see u again!
Such a perfect heavenly gift from Poland.
Plzz more Cock Fantasies or whatever naughty stuff u might have for us ..
Vanessa !!!
1 year ago 
Desperately need this heavenly Polish Goddess back ASAP this new year!
Cum back asap VANESSA
1 year ago 
Hottest scene & model I've seen in years.
Rock on Vanessa !!!!
1 year ago 
Incredibly amazingly HOT !! Awesome Vanessa !
Since 2017 is The Chinese Year of the Cock ... ! I really hope to see this Ultimate Natural Polish Goddess, as often and with as many new scenes & "hard dicks" Cock-Fantasy style (or real???) as possible.
Already drooling and missing you Vanessa..
Can t wait to see you here in TSG again in this 2017 !
REAL SOON plzz!!
It s so lonely without you..
1 year ago 
These Vanessa s Cock Fantasy Serials are as horny as fuck, and definitely THIS AMAZING NATURAL WOMAN is absolutely FULL OF AMAZING POTENTIAL !!!!
Plzz VANESSA and TSG, keep walking THIS WAY and stepping forward!
1 year ago 
Best sex scenes that I've seen in quite a long time, even though Vanessa is not making it with real cocks.
Stunningly incredible.
These Vanessa's Cock Fantasies take sex videos to an amazing new level of hotness !!!
Even better than the real thing .. !?
Vanessa really has a magic natural touch.
Keep her cumming !!
She is a Force of Nature that can erect the dead !
IMO Vanessa is the best thing that ever happened here ...
1 year ago 
What an overwhelming sensation when jerking and cumming to your mind-blowing cock fantasies!
You are definitely Vanessa my ultimate inspiring perfect woman for wanking purposes!
Cum back asap with your well-hung "big boys" and make them squirt all over you again!
Sweet naughty dreams are made of this.
1 year ago 
Vanessa is the horniest model around !
Hot, hot hot ! Cum, cum, cum !
More than one "cock" and Vanessa doing all she does in there just drives me mad ! Huge boner and cumshot every single time !
In my fantasies I see you Vanessa in more videos with more than 3 "cocks".. hope you also have that kind of fantasies too !!
In my wish list for this 2017, I d love to see you also in some dildo anal action, and eventually in DP and GB scenes, with those same Big Realistic Cum-shooters Dildoes !! That would be epic !!
And some lesbian strap-on action would be well appreciated, all respectfully submitted for your consideration Vanessa.
Real b/g action is for the moment out of the question .. ?
Cum back asap Vanessa with more ! Thank you!
1 year ago 
What a horny naughty sloppy hot fantasy Vanessa !
Just love this sexy as fuck performance in that GH WC with TWO "COCKS" shooting their sticky loads on you !
What a rocking body, sublime face and anatomy with elegant curves.
Powerful performances, superorgasmic woman who climaxes out loud in each and every scene.
So real, not acting. It looks like she is always enjoying it good !
That arousing authenticity makes you epic & makes me cum furiously countless times !
You are my all-time fav Model Vanessa !
Please give us some more !!
1 year ago 
Naughty & hot as hell ! Vanessa getting hornier & hornier !
If I was in there, omg, it would be a real struggle not to blow a big sticky load within 3 minutes or so..
And then I d have to beat off once or twice again during those mind-blowing heavenly 19 minutes !!!
Amazing VANESSA.
We want MORE !!!
1 year ago 
Really looking forward to watching your next Cock Fantasy !
There is no better way to start 2017.
Any upcoming scene ?
Drooling already ..
1 year ago 
This kinda "IR" GH scene with you Vanessa and those two huge realistic dildos could wake the dead !
This is better than viagra ! LMFAO! SO HOTT!!
Only if you could show us more fucking, and talk a little bit more! your sexy voice and accent are another huge turn-on !
Sexy as fuck in this mind-blowing scene Vanessa !
And if you ever go for the real thing .. I d rather see you pleasing some anonymous cocks, which imo, makes the whole scene far more exciting and hornier !
Outstanding job here !!
1 year ago 
If this is the closest that we are gonna get to the "real thing" Vanessa, fair enough! You make it so real! Thank U!
These "Cock Fantasies" of yours with big and very realistic cock-shaped load-shooters are definitely a bright idea !!
You take this concept to a higher and hotter level.
Keep them cumming !!
Hope that some of your next "Fantasies" include maybe, also some gaping & anal dildo action (u said u like it occasionally..), some sucking & fucking at the same time, and eventually.. you Vanessa fantasizing about having some DP & GB action .. ?!
Lets see what you have in mind !
Can t wait to see you again fantasizing this new year..!
1 year ago 
So nice of you Vanessa to show us your succulent onion-shaped booty, your gorgeous round natural boobs and your horny hairy snatch, and your amazing abilities to jerk, suck and tit-pussy fuck two of those Big Ones in there, to finally get all that cream on you.
Best video so far.
Best yet to cum ?
You leave me wanting more!
More stuff like this !
Thank U Vanessa and TSG. Great job.
1 year ago 
Best scene ever!
Vanessa is one hell of a horny sperm-maker!
1,2 .. 3 Big Realistic Cocks next time ??
Or sometime 2017 asap ?
That would be a whole lotta FANTASY !!!
And if you ever hook up with real dicks on camera ... OMFG !!!!!
Keep fantasizing with cocks Vanessa !!
1 year ago 
Holy fuck ! Her gorgeous round ass cheeks spread wide open by her beautiful hands, letting us see the glory of both of her yummy fuckholes !
I would dive in that tasty warm paradise for hours, and sink my nose and mouth to smell and savour it all !
What a magnificent vision. Those seconds are gold.
Amazing cock-stroking-sucking-tittyfucking job with both of them too, and great to see Vanessa so delightful and so naturally sexy with those creamy loads on her !! Superb material.
I was even expecting "a few seconds".. of anal sex, that Vanessa mentioned that she "occasionally" enjoys .. with one of those "big dongs" shoved up her nice & tight asshole!
Another Cock Fantasy to be fulfilled ?
Really hope so asap..
Vanessa really knows how to handle big cocks !
Cant wait to see your next Fantasy, Vanessa.
Outstanding scene.
1 year ago 
Ja! Happy New Naughty Year 2U all ! Prosit Neujahr !
Vanessa getting hornier, naughtier, dirtier than never before in there with those two Big Ones cumming on her, after a fantastic treatment!
I really like this harder, sluttier, darker side that Vanessa s been showing lately with her horny COCK(S) FANTASIES !!
Just like in "Hooked on Vanessa" !!!
How about a Part 2 of that video ??!! with the anonymous dude getting sucked & fucked for a good while, cumming twice on her face and body, fake or real cock .. up 2U Vanessa ..
Looking forward to seeing your NEXT COCK(S) FANTASY to start 2017 the best possible way ! with you here in TSG.
1 year ago 
Vanessa is very likely to become a "bigger-than-ever STAR" in 2017 in her long & successful career ! A lot of expectations..!
Hope she gets her second throne in a row.
Cant imagine the frenzy & bliss of seeing this unique woman "exploring some HORNY FANTASIES here at Scoreland" this cumming year.. OMFG!
Uncontrolled excitement! lol! Hysteria when she is here! wow!
The gloryhole scene is such an splendid & surprising gift!
Hopefully one of a lot more to come !
The more Fantasies, as often & as naughty as possible, the better, also hoping to see, Vanessa, some of them in 2017.. CUM TRUE !
The only way is up !
As it has been happening over the last months, I really hope to see more daring surprises & never-seen-before kinda stuff from you, just like lately! & further on..
Vanessa Y.
The Ultimate All-Natural Goddess.
1 year ago 
What a W-O-M-A-N !!!
Body & Face.
And those hands !
Higher proficiency, expertise level with big cocks. Just wow!
And those "spunk" loads on your knockers, cleavage & chin, make U shine even MORE !
Shine on like a diamond with these Fantasies !
Hurray VANESSA Y. !!
Viva Polska !!
..and Merry Christmas !
Tons of Vanessa in 2017 !!
1 year ago 
Big Dongs and jizz on Vanessa in this kinda IR scene ..!
Fake but with this amazing woman look so real.. wow!
Make it real in this cumming year Vanessa !
Keep jerking, sucking & fucking in every possible way as many cum-shooters as possible, real or realisic !
Merry Christmas & Naughty New Year !!
1 year ago 
Yeahh ! Well-hung "anonymous" dudes would definitely be far hotter if Vanessa eventually decides to go ahead and jump !
One way or another, fake or real, anonymous regular guys or pornstar studs.. Vanessa s Cock Fantasies FOREVER !!!
1 year ago 
Vanessa amazes me. Every single time.
This video drives me mad, just the way it is.
And if those B&W realistic Big Boys were REAL COCKS & CUMSHOTS, my balls would be running dry almost every single day of the year !
Please make it real Vanessa !
And then keep the well-hanged guys (cocks..) anonymous !
That is EVEN HOTTER ! (rather than the usual "stud" way, imo)
Dream on & dare ! Ohh Vanessa ...
1 year ago 
Cocks & Loads Vanessa !
Keep them coming !
MORE FANTASIES thoughout 2017 !!!
Fake realistic "big ones" are amazing, shooting loads on you! YES!
Two of them have been a mind-blowing fantasy scene.
What do you have in mind for 2017 for us, your true fans ??
In my Best Wishes for the New Year List, you Vanessa are Number 1!
More increasingly daring videos from YOU, with lots of cocks, loads &
whatever naughty dreams you might think of !!
And I am dreaming of seeing you eventually with REAL COCKS !!
Hope it becomes true that saying of "careful what u wish for" ..
Merry Christmas VANESSA Y. and SG !
1 year ago 
Really kinda wish that this force of nature keeps showing us her naughtier and more daring side, braver and darker than ever before.
Express yourself Vanessa, bringing to us your deepest and dirtiest COCK FANTASIES.
God of Sex & SG bless you forever!
1 year ago 
Holy fuck !
Vanessa is amazingly GOOD at sexually handling two!! huge "dicks" at the same time! & at milking them, fucking, sucking & stroking them to the very last drop ! Pure skill.
Please SG ! help this Sex Queen make up her mind to do it with some well-hung dudes asap ! the way she likes it better..
I'd rather see her having some kind of real sex, if that was the case... with some anonymous cocks and/or regular guys (like in her Fantasies), and not with porn studs, though.
Just supposing ..
Cock Fantasies ..
In the flesh !
She IS so damn good at it & so sexy & natural! that it'd be such a shame not to see her in real sex action, sometime.. after all these years & her present fantasies videos.
Any chance .. soon ??
She is now at her very BEST !
1 year ago 
This is tremendously erotic, truly amazing !
Im unbelievably aroused by the mere vision of Vanessa with those two well-sized B&W Cum Shooters in both of her hands !
The rest of the scene is just epic , confidently.. one more step taken and another chapter written & filmed, in a whole book of Vanessa s naughty Fantasies yet to come.. naughtier & naughtier!
Optimistically, Vanessa will surprise us more and more in 2017..
She is getting hornier in her scenes !.. yeah Vanessa, step forward !
1 year ago 
OMFG ! What a wicked performance by Vanessa in such a small place !
Absolutely magnificent !
If she is this skillful, spontaneous & naughty with that couple of huge life-like dildos, well-sized & shaped, I can't quite imagine what this natural beauty could possibly do with two real ones !!!
Hope we can find out soon!
She's definitely great at stroking, giving blow & tit jobs (a Goddess!) & handling with a proficiency level, that big dong in her pussy & making them shoot a few loads of that jizz all over her !
Glory times in that GH !
It's not an easy thing to do in such a narrow WC.
She amazes me !
1 year ago 
Ohh Yeahh VANESSA Y. !!!
Cant take my eyes off you there in the ladies room gloryhole!
Not only 1 but 2!! Black & White, yeahh! The more the better !
Those loads look soo good on you, soo glad you now inlude them in your fantasies !
Keep them cumming, all over your pretty face & stunning body ..
Happy endings forever !
If those big cocks were real, I thought that Im dead & already in Heaven !!!
Anonymous REAL COCKS + VANESSA make a beautiful TEAM.
1 year ago 
What a celestial lusty creature Vanessa is, and also with a sweet, natural and bubbly personality, she looks really approachable & easy-going..
And then she is so sensual & sexual.. in that Glory Hole scenario!
It s like she s not acting when she steps into that ladies room, gets undressed, spreads those legs wide open & gives herself some relief..
for starters !
Vanessa seems to be a superorgasmic woman, her throat gets a good workout with all that moaning, and she always climaxes in pure joy .. just like me watching her !!
She gives amazing hand-blowjobs, & titty-fucks of mystical proportions, gazing into the camera with those mesmerizing green eyes and that intense eye-banging !
..and skilfully fucks one of those " big boys", and gets the "cumshots" on her impressive rack in such a natural way !!
It seems so real.. everything cums out so naturally..
Vanessa please dream on !
The naughtier the Fantasies, the better !
1 year ago 
This is one of the top videos that have really turned me on MOST in quite a few years.
Vanessa always causes me that effect, but this GH one, and her first COCK FANTASY are definitely in a breathtaking NEW LEVEL.
Really hope that VANESSA Y. keeps PUSHING BOUNDARIES in 2017.
She is really in an exciting turning point NOW , just about to enter the realms of Queens & Goddesses of all time.
Please Vanessa, go ahead & jump !!
Vanessa Y. 4EVER.
1 year ago 
WOW !! Holy fuck !! So taken aback.. Speechless.
Vanessa and 2 BIG "DICKS" in the ladies room !
and 2 "cream" ejections on her boobs & (a little) on her mouth !
This is getting A LOT BETTER every time ! lately .. keep going !!!
Black & White, yeahh !! thru those 3 holes.. jaw-dropping good !!
If Vanessa makes up her mind (eventually..?) about filming the REAL thing, SHE will be for sure The Best Performer of the Year 2017.
And I agree with Laika, that you SG guys should introduce a NEW CATEGORY to the yearly poll: "BEST VANESSA Y. VIDEO of the YEAR"!
She deserves that & her own site within the SG framework !
Yeah Laika, cestial stuff !!!
1 year ago 
Rocking natural body, sublime face & powerful performance.
Stroking & sucking "dicks" lika a pro, feeling one of them inside her, and very skilful in such a small, narrow place !
That s the way !! I REALLY LIKE THIS VIDEO.
Let that music play on Vanessa. "COCKS & LOADS"
1 year ago 
I dont know what it is about this woman, but she really gets me soo excited each and every time..
Vanessa is my ultimate sexual thrill, a sudden feeling of excitement and pleasure, with every single video and gallery of hers.
And this one here, in the wc gloryhole! and the Cock Fantasies series (please keep THEM coming !!!), are blowing up my mind !!
Wonderful sensation and the urge to jerk it off !!
1 year ago 
Love Vanessa. ALL woman. Big Tits and Fabulous Hairy Cunt!
Rapidly growing collection of movies/pics of this wonderful
1 year ago 
Vanessa s got an amazing ALL-natural anatomy, we all see that !!
But this time I would like to focus on my favourite part.. of her body HER ASS ! (her beautiful face always comes first, and I always cum first staring at her pretty face & mesmerizing green eyes..)
She is bootylicious !!
even in this narrow GH, when her perfect round bubble butt comes along, it makes me jaw drop insanely.
What a luscious pale stunning curvy booty she s got !!
Such a perfect smackable & lickable bum, that you just don t believe your eyes when you see it in action in her scenes !
Tremendous shocking cheeks & a yummy tight asshole in there! OMG
I would give her ass some priorities when shooting new scenes ..
LMFAO ! It s such a hard-on ..
1 year ago 
Vanessa has got the total package, and this raw glory hole scene explores new territories, with that couple !! of big "cocks" thru the holes, multiple sex actions in there, great performance and another couple of good "jizz" loads on Vanessa s glorious body & face !!
I love that part !! That "jizz" looks great on her !!
A sexual force like no other.
I do expect a lot from Vanessa in 2017 and her naughty Cock Fantasies !
Let s see what s on her mind... this is getting better & better now!
1 year ago 
Vanessa makes my day !
Big surprise really to see her in there... with 2 "big dicks" !!! First time ever!
stroking, sucking and fucking in that narrow place! Holy fuck!
She is so gorgeous and naturally endowed.
What an amazing double titfucking action & first time handling two of those "cocks" at the same time, and receiving their loads ! Amazing pics too.
Hope this is the beginning of her best year, so far.. in her long career! with a horny & astonishing 2017, full of more mind blowing surprises yet to come !
1 year ago 
I admit, I checked today's date because it feels like Christmas has come early!!! Her videos just keep creeping a notch in quality every time. There's a good argument for SG to introduce a new category to the yearly poll and I suggest it be named 'Best Vanessa Y Video Of The Year'. Celestial stuff!
1 year ago 
As good as it gets !
Vanessa reaches the Glory Holes skies in this amazing Fantasy, even though those "cocks" ain t real, but look so real ! in shape, colour.. and in her skilful & pretty hands, hooters, mouth & pussy of hers..
Almost the entire package !
Room for more surprises in upcoming Fantasies ..
This one has really kept my eyes wide open, my boner still here ..
Hope in 2017 Vanessa decides to start playing sometime with real cocks... and real warm men s cream..
Whatever she does is music to my ears !
I ll stay tuned!
Vanessa, stay here for a long, long time !
1 year ago 
Another dream cum true.
Vanessa is unstoppable.
I enjoy every minute & pic of her scenes far more than most real hardcore xxx videos !!
She's some kind of unique woman with huge amounts of sensuality, magic & all natural hotness, in a true starkly realistic way.
This is an overwhelming captivating video & stunning gallery.
Better than I thought !
Much Kudos !
1 year ago 
What a tremendous surprise, fulfilling my greatest expectations on this one, Glorious Glory Hole scene, with the Goddess Vanessa Y. !
Far better than I was expecting from Vanessa. Hurray !!
From an unbiased pov.. (mine, lol!) way more tantalizing, alluring, hotter & hornier than 90% of the regular GH scenes with real cocks and also better designed & shot.
Great job and amazing, breathtaking Vanessa, giving it all! in this first sort of IR scene with "cocks"..
What a magnificent performance.
Vanessa rules !!
1 year ago 
Definitely worth the wait, just like every month, Vanessa!
Only this time way better !
A whole lot more than I expected.
Today it s such a great day with this GH scene of yours, that I feel like I m floating on CLOUD NINE !
I really enjoy your Cock Fantasies, specially with more than one of those realistic big dick-shaped dildos and loads !!
Keep them coming !
What s next Vanessa ??
1 year ago 
I've been waiting for this one.
1 year ago 
Words don t come easy to describe what I just saw..... OMFG !!!!!!!!!!!
VANESSA Y. at her very best.
What a woman ! She is really making history.
Difficult to explain in just words..
Her best scene ever, once again !!!
To be honest, most definitely, this one of the best sex scenes I ve seen in my entire life, without any doubt.
The whole scenario is really what I was expecting, and Vanessa s performance goes beyond the realms of sexiness & hotness.
And a handful of surprises ! YEAH !!!
Even though it s two fake cocks there thru the holes, most of the time I couldn t really tell fake from real.. they look so realistic in Vanessa s hands, mouth & pussy !! with Vanessa spitting on them to make look & slide a lot better !!
Even the cumshots look like real jizz on Vanessa s boobs, mouth & chin .. just WOW!
I m gonna watch the whole entire video once again, to enjoy every second of it. Mouthwatering good !!
Vanessa leaves my hard dick (again) wanting more.
Vanessa is bliss.
1 year ago 
I hope next year Vanessa will get a real cumshot on her perfect tits after her beautiful pussy was fucked in many various positions. If she would do hardcore, Vanessa would be the top candidate for hardcore performer of the year 2017.

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  15:55 Mins.
The Busty Hitcher Who Came In From The Cold
First off, congratulations to Vanessa Y., voted Voluptuous Model of the Year for the second time. The entire line-up of candidates was a power crew. Wrote editor Dave in May 2017 V-mag, the contest results edition, "Vanessa becomes the fifth V-Girl to take the crown two straight years. The others were Sharday, Nicole Peters, Renee Ross and Joana Bliss. Vanessa becoming the fifth doesn't surprise us one iota. She's a girl who keeps getting better and keeps drawing rave reviews. Some examples: 'As good as it gets.' 'A dream come true.' 'Vanessa looks absolutely incredible.' 'Such a timeless beauty.' 'She seems to keep getting sexier.'" Welcome back, Vanessa, who's freezing her shorts-clad tush off on a snowy European road trying to get a lift from passing motorists. Finally, you stop when Vanessa lifts up her wooly sweater to reveal her world-famous breasts busting forth in an uplifting bra. She really is traffic-stopping. When you pull over, Vanessa lifts up her sweater again to seal the deal. What heartless fool could resist this lovely hitcher's pleas for help? Vanessa hops into the back seat and pulls up her top again. She could use a break from the cold so they head to your place where she can warm up. Really warm up. Once there, Vanessa shows who's really in the driver's seat when she gives you an eyeful. Vanessa makes herself at home right away. Teasing and pleasing, Vanessa puts the squeeze on her heavy hooters and pulls aside her panties for an exploration of her wooly patch of pleasure. She truly is a bush baby who knows how to drive guys totally crazy. And that's always a pleasure with Vanessa Y.
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