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Vanessa Y. likes to role play. Nurses, teachers, hookers, military officers. Now dwelling in a Halloween dungeon where she'll straighten any man's ass out quickly, Vanessa looks like she's really enjoying herself cracking the riding crop and demanding obedience. Better be a good boy or else..because she looks eager to rumble. It's a real turnabout for Vanessa who's always as sweet as sugar when she's Vanessa and not a kinky fetish mistress, We've seen girls playing busty dominatrixes before. Tiggle Bitties, Annina, Dolly Fox, Tigerr Benson, Juliana Simms, Slone Ryder and others. Now Vanessa joins the group of booted and busty whip snappers. Do as she says. .
Featuring: Vanessa Y.
Date: October 29th, 2016
Duration: 17:08

Member Comments

3 weeks ago 
OHH VANESSA ! Bring the "mystery man" over to the Dungeon !! for a long, kinky, fetish S&M Session !!
Dominating or dominated ! like in the 2017 s video, and give us some naughty and nasty Sex Fantasy performance, with reciprocal action and satisfaction, "big squirting toys", and a good spanking session, the way u say u like it, Vanessa .. and please let the lucky anonymous guy touch you again !! all over your amazing natural body, with his bare hands .. SO HOT !! OHH VANESSA ..
1 month ago 
Craving some new kinky S&M material from the Polish Queen, either dominating .. a girl.. or an anonymous guy! or .. being dominated again, tied up, gagged and spanked or paddled, just the way she says she likes it ! also in her private life.
6 months ago 
We have enjoyed here Vanessa Y's 1st cock-shaped dildo pussy action, 1st Cock Fantasy video (and a couple of them more.. so far..), 1st "jizz" loads on her, 1st "double dick & jizz" scene (GH style!) and 1st BDSM video .. with male ! hands on her !
WOW !!
What's cumming up next Queen Vanessa !?
Craving for more sexy naughty stuff from U !!
Hopefully soon ...!
And tons more of that!
Voluptuous VMag Model of the Year last two years in a row !
and again 2017 .. !??
Thanks a lot ! TSG & Vanessa for all !
Don't stop at the top !
Keep on sharing sex fantasies & surprising us all !
You are so unique.
8 months ago 
You are a Fetish Kink Queen, Vanessa.
You ve always liked it & enjoyed it, and your S&M scenes are always mind-blowing material ! Utterly stunned every single time.
I d really like u to shoot longer BDSM scenes, like u used to do, like the one just released, but a bit longer.. ! (thank u Vanessa and TSG), including a guy or a girl, and "sex" with them, to enjoy the perfect whole experience !
You Vanessa & us ! your fans !
I d love to see you again SPANKED & SPUNKED !!!
Nobody does it better than U Vanessa !! Fantasies rule !!
Kinky, rough, fetish side of yours .. INCREDIBLE !!
1 year ago 
Can't wait any longer to see ya AGAIN SOON !
Elegant, voluptuous & naughty !
Just the way U R Vanessa
Incredibly naturally sexy!
1 year ago 
Kinky fetish Mistress Dominatrix Vanessa RULES !!
This scene and that outfit (OMFG!) fit like a glove for this Polish Queen Force of Nature !!
And what a beautiful face.. the ultimate evil angel of sex! SO HOTT!
I m so taken aback, eyes wide open, breathless, speechless, my heart beating fast, my dick getting hard as a rock & wildly full of jizz 4U !
Vanessa, I couldn t help cumming twice so far with this video, the first time I lost my load just by watching your first pics, with that sexy stunning cosplay costume, even before you got naked .. lol!
Your RolePlay & Cock Fantasies are my fantasies too !
Far better & hotter than most real XXX scenes...
Need U Vanessa to make it back over here ASAP to TSG, with your hornier, naughtier Fantasies !!
1 year ago 
Hi Vanessa ! Bring Joana Bliss over to the Dungeon so you two can play S&M together, or any other Model, for another Dominatrix tougher hornier session !!
And don t forget your toys, life-like dildos and strap-on device.. etc..!
That would be a helluva hot scene !
Any new material cumming up soon ??
1 year ago 
She so dam Awesome love her pretty pussy
1 year ago 
U got me Vanessa so exited with that sexy outfit ! I tremble, shake & madly cum all over ! like a furious volcano ! every single time !
You're such a sensual treasure !
U look great in that dungeon.
Please make it back !
And not alone ..
1 year ago 
I m burning up ! OMG VANESSA !
I m on fire and can t quench my desire !
Great scenario & that outfit ..
I wish u could get rubbed down, in one of your scenes, just like Goldie just did ! (another heavenly mature creature), by some male therapist in a massage (milking ..?? lol!) table, oily style.
And now I m also recalling that Goldie s Wrestling Facesitting scene with a guy !
How about some of that? with a (lucky !!) dude, or some catfight with another busty model, or two ??!!
Fancy that Vanessa ?
Hope you get the Throne again this year !
1 year ago 
I'm utterly stunned.
Ohh Mistress Vanessa!
Next time in the dungeon get a lucky!! anonymous guy of your liking, to pay you a visit there.. tied up, blindfolded & silent, and give that fortunate dude the time of his life!! a good session of pleasure & pain, bondage style, like a real Dominatrix! not letting him cum till you tell him to ! stroking his obedient cock, even licking & sucking it, if you wish, or just handling his dick using some kind of tools .. till the final huge eruption !
U Vanessa look absolutely great, hot as hell, in that short, bright, skimpy & tight red outfit !!
U got me so excited ..
1 year ago 
VANESSA Y. ... WOW !!!!!
Dungeon, big realistic dildos, oil, sex toys... !!!!
Things are looking up !
And now a Glory Hole coming up !!!
A real blessing.
I wish it was Dec 15 now!
Meanwhile, I'm expecting more than one cock this time (fake huge life-like!)
since there are 2 holes !
and as much (fake) sperm as many times (cumshots) as possible!
After some nice fuckin'!
That's gonna be real HOT!
Vanessa doesn't stop delivering good surprises to all her fans! V.Y. ARMY!
Hope she turns sometime her "fantasies" into "real life & flesh" b/g action.
Thanks so much Vanessa for so many good times!
So far, so goooood !!!
Keep 'em coming !!!!
1 year ago 
Always amazing ..Vanessa
If u could go (maybe u have already..) on a shooting spree, every once in a while, with SG! so we can have U every month or even more often here in Scoreland !
or in your own site here! that u really deserve !
Can't get enuff of U !
Vanessa is one of a kind.
1 year ago 
Oh! Mistress Vanessa!
Share your dungeon with another submissive woman or man, so you can act like a REAL DOMINATRIX !!!
Can't wait to see that REAL THING !
You VANESSA look like a real Bondage Queen !
Ahhhggg!! Drooling !
1 year ago 
Mind blowing looks Vanessa !!!
How about an obedient, submissive, passive dude in there, tied up & blindfolded, not a word from him allowed .. and U Mistress Dominatrix Vanessa, giving him a bondage sex session, the way he really likes, doing whatever u wish with the docile (and happy!) guy, not letting him cum, and maybe not even touching his hard dick.. just using a vibrating device or something like that..
Just suggesting ! That would be WOW !
Really "doing as Vanessa says"
1 year ago 
I just wanna .. see U again in that Dungeon!
Sharing some of those bondage tools & devices, with some other busty model (or a male friend of yours .. ?) who also wanna be "dominated" on stage, by U !! Mistress Vanessa !!
U look absolutely great in that red latex outfit !!!! OMFG !!!!
Hotter than hell !! So damn sexy !!!
Make it back to the Dungeon for some real bondage action of your choice ... please Vanessa.. Any chance?
1 year ago 
Holy cow ! OMFG !
A great moment of sultry and lusty sensation.
Bring another woman! or man? to the Dungeon !! so we can see the real Dominatrix Vanessa !
So damn sexy .. WOW!
1 year ago 
Just WOW !!!
I wish I could be "dominated" by you ..
Mistress Vanessa.
If you could only do a Part 2 in the Dungeon, dominating another busty lesbian model ...!
Bondage action.. or a submissive anonymous guy ... Cock Fantasy style.
Obedient & with the same big realistic fantasy dildo, or his real dick !
A real Dominatrix scene!
1 year ago 
Yeah !!
VANESSA for Model
of the Year !!!!
I could spend days watching her vids&pics, like forever !
Can't get enuff of this woman !
Give 'er please! her own site! so we can see this monument more often !
She really is unique.
1 year ago 
VANESSA Y. for Model of the Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope to see her here again in November, with some more tantalizing, stunning stuff, and in December with ... a Christmas gift for all her fans ! Vanessa Army !!
Any surprises coming up?
1 year ago 
Rocking body & sublime face, in that latex skimpy tiny kinky dress!
Vanessa is still kicking ass after all these years, hotter than never before, in her glorious late 30s!!
1 year ago 
Vanessa got me again in a frenzy with that tight & short (to the limit) bright red latex dress !! OMFG!
I tremble & I quake .. & I stoke ..!
She got me so excited ..
1 year ago 
Vanessa is once again unstoppable like a high speed train !
Shine On, U sexy DIAMOND ..!
1 year ago 
I do subscribe to this point of view (from today s comments) of VANESSA Y., The Polish Goddess & Queen of Beauty, having HER OWN SITE here, after all these years of videos & photosets.
Most definitely !
Such a great idea !!
If I had to choose one "active" (not retired or long gone..) from among the SG Top Models (award-winning Goddesses in the last years), with an extraordinary, outstanding (long enough) history of success here, my vote for a NEW SITE, focused on one Model, would go for VANESSA Y. !! The one & only
Ain t NO doubt about it !
Ready & willing to walk that extra mile & pay that extra money!
She really deserves it already.
And I also wish & drool..! for new stuff from VANESSA more often..
if she agrees too.
Hope we can enjoy that site in the near future ..
1 year ago 
Stunning Vision of Vanessa.
A real cock-hardening experience, under Vanessa s commands !
This was also a good opportunity to see Vanessa (just an idea) using in that dungeon some sort of mechanical "fucking machine", or riding a sybian, or some of those bondage devices in there ..!
Maybe next time ? Please Vanessa ..
And u could also share the action with another busty girl.. or with the anonymous quiet, obedient (and lucky!) guy --from your absolutely amazing "Cock Fantasy" scene!-- always willing to comply with all your requests and orders, submissive to your authority & beauty.
Just some suggestions for another mind blowing bondage-mistress type of video!
Thank U Vanessa & SG !
Let this Vanessa Dominatrix show go on ! Hope so !
1 year ago 
Quite impressive and surprising !
Vanessa shines here like the sun !
Only I d have liked it a lot bette,r with the Polish Goddess, kinky as a Dominatrix this time, actually kinda "dominating" another busty Score Model, in some type of bondage lesbian action!
Great scene though. Fair enuff !
Vanessa rules the waves..
1 year ago 
Hooters yeahh ! She is a female blessed with an appealing and endowed chest region, which has the tendency to distract... a big-bosomed amazing beautiful woman, indeed !
But HER ASS & PUSSY just can t be beaten ! They spark instant arousal upon viewing !!!
This scene should be "Dungeon of Vanessa s Pussy Lips" instead !
What a glorious vision of Vanessa spreading all that pink, that wide open pussy, front & rear views, in those fishnet stockings, those large lips dangling from her edible vagina .. WOW
The Polish Goddess in this kinky fetish cosplay scene, flapping that big meaty labia & rubbing her erect clit ! OMFG !!
Great hooters, pretty face & incredible ass, hips & pussy !!!
1 year ago 
Hooters .. she is so skilled at self-sucking & at spreading all that pink & large labia ! OMFG !!
Can't take my eyes off that bushy pussy & hairy twat !
Burning desire inside my pants when Vanessa bends over in such luscious position, with those high heel & fishnets ..
All that ASS & HIPS !!!!
Overlooked ??
Not at all !
1 year ago 
She's so hot here, I'm completely mad about her !!
1 year ago 
Vanessa is a class of her own.
She looks incredibly sexy in that cosplay Dominatrix tight & bright dress !
She makes my day ! OMG!
1 year ago 
OMFG ! Vanessa Y & Karina Hart the same week !!!!
Best news & a great Halloween Treat !!
That would be a breathtaking PAIRING !!
Please SG !! Get them together for a GG scene !!!
1 year ago 
Irresistible & tempting Vanessa, in that tight red latex dress, hig heels & fishnets ! WOW!
A bombshell with fun-loving personality, kinky style this time !
That cleavege drives me mad, and the contrast of her pale skin & the blood red lips, nails and latex ..
Her pussy is a masterpiece & her ass OMG! a work of outstanding artistry ! A lot more than just good Hooters ..!
1 year ago 
Fucking hell!!!! I don't know what it is that puts vanessa above alot of your girls but something about her drives us all wild. We'll see how many comments she gets. I know she doesn't do hardcore but a woman that sexual is getting it somewhere by somebody. All I can say it fairplay!! And what a very lucky bastard that individual is!!!!

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