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Life is beautiful when you can watch Vanessa Y. try on swimsuits that look made out of dental floss. Does Vanessa wear these in public? She's a bold kind of lady so maybe she does. "I stopped smoking, I started drinking beer and my boobs got bigger," said Vanessa, covergirl of November '14 V-mag. This is not the first time a model has said that beer drinking has been good for her breasts. (Beer is made from hops and the female hormone estrogen is in hops.) After Vanessa has tried on all of her bikinis, she gets naked and takes the plunge into a cool pool, playing with her big boobs and spanking and petting her pretty pussy which she depilated for this swimsuit show since super-tiny bikini bottoms like these don't go together with bush. In Vanessa's previous shoot, an indoor shoot called "Stairway To Big Boob Heaven," she trimmed her hedge but it was still pretty hairy, especially by today's female standards of shaving or waxing their va-jay-jays. Those of you bemoaning the removal of her bushy pelt should think positive and keep in mind that the view of Vanessa's vivacious vulva is no longer obscured by tufts of muff.
Featuring: Vanessa Y.
Date: June 15th, 2014
Duration: 22:12

Member Comments

2 months ago 
Need to see VANESSA again in another OUTDOOR shoot !!
Spring time & the Polish curvy Goddess !
If I saw Vanessa at the pool or at the beach, like this .. OMFG !! with those extra-tiny bikinis, and those all-natural curves .. and then in the nude, so naturally.. I could not hide a huge erection ! and I had a strong sexual urge to release asap!
Stiffening stuff !! Please take her outdoors SOON AGAIN !!
1 year ago 
The second bikini is just perfect. The third and fouth are OK but the first is almost like a burka!!!!!! LOL
3 years ago 
3 years ago 
Somebody get this girl another beer lol.

This girl has one of the most amazing bodies I've ever seen. She seems very sweet and feminine too.

I see that you guys have done a few already, but as many videos/photosets of her as you can. She is phenomenal. Especially at her thicker, even more voluptuous size.
3 years ago 
I need more of this lady in my life. Superb Euro big boober!!!!!! Bring her back please :)
3 years ago 
What a fucking Goddess!
4 years ago 
What more can you say about this wonderful lady? For me money, the best Euro big titter of the moment and a fine example of what a little extra weight can do. This was a fine, dick-hardening video featuring one of the hottest naturals around. Please bring this lovely lady back for more shoots and even some XXX action. It's plain to see she's hugely popular around here :)
4 years ago 
u guys are doing great work...vanessa and now amy andersson omg keep it up

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