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Our dear Valory Irene says in her sexy Ukrainian-accented English that she knows you want to see her naked. That said, Valory wants to put on a lingerie party for you first. "I want to tease first." Valory has a good point. Some anticipation and some build-up makes everything better and that includes what girls can do for men who are hot for them. Valory is wearing a brown polka-dot bra and panties combo when she gets off the bed to examine the choices she has to wear for you. She takes off the bra and offers her bare boobs for you to savor, then picks out a flowered, semi-sheer brassiere. She hooks it from the front and then spins the bra around her waist, lifting it to insert her tits into the cups and securing the straps around her shoulders. Looking into the full-length mirror, Valory approves her choice. "And now, I take off my pants." Valory does that slowly and gracefully with a wiggle and a jiggle. "Do you like my ass?" asks Valory, turning her butt to the camera.
Featuring: Valory Irene
Date: May 28th, 2014
Duration: 28:56

Member Comments

8 months ago 
I LOVE the shots of her ass & her delicious asshole that I would love to LICK for HOURS!!! :)
2 years ago 
Oh Valory You are one real red hot beautiful sexy lady and you performance in this video is a real turn on with those big wonderful sagging breast that needs to be worshiped with hundreds if not thousands of wet kisses all over and then proceed to those pert nipples which I would suck and kiss until they were as hard as marbles like my hard man tool dick. After finishing with your breast I would continue down to that woman triangle between your legs and insert my hard tongue all the way up in you pussy to the bottom and suck out that sweet nector juice which I just know would taste so goon and by now my throbbing , tingling , jerking cock would just have to spirt scalding man slick man juice because I could not hold back when you move and girate that plump ass and when you move up and down I just dream you are lowering your pussy ever so slowly on my cock all the way to the bottom and then gripping my dick with those pussy mussels and I would have to spill gallons. I also want to thank you so much for keeping those hot stripper shoes on which just added additional pleasure to my man hard pole. Please, please, please continue to do hot videos like this so I can continue to have wet dreams and pleasure my self. Again what a great job and cum back real soon. Your are a vilf that needs to be fucked and fucked.
3 years ago 
She's perfect, nice tts and complete body. She an SHa Karina Hart..mmmm no more words at all.
3 years ago 
she is a pretty woman and very sexy,perfect body!
3 years ago 
she is so sexy and i would just love to see her walk around, she is so beautiful in anything
3 years ago 
perfect ASMR
3 years ago 
i like her so much the accent and sexytalk!
3 years ago 
beautiful girl. would love to see walking around in more outfits with full body views!!!
4 years ago 
alright another Valory Video,I Love the Video THANKS SCORE'S.
4 years ago 
Wow! The perfect package, legs all the way up to that fine looking ass that you just want to touch and know it will feel taught. The thin back, spectacular boobs, lovely shaped face, the eyes you can get lost in, the hair you want to smell and bury your face in while kissing her neck. And that sweet voice. The perfect European woman.

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