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Valory Irene has traveled the world with SCORE and now she returns to the island that was her first on-location photo shoot, the Dominican Republic. And to think it all started by pure happenstance when she was discovered in a shopping mall in Kiev, Ukraine. Valory looks as sexy and as pretty as ever as she models at poolside in an elegant, flowing outfit made for tropical glamour. Slowly she undresses to complete nudity as she poses in a pool. Her body looks bronze in the setting sun as dusk approaches. The golden hour flatters her.
Featuring: Valory Irene
Date: February 28th, 2014
Duration: 22:48

Member Comments

3 years ago 
one of my FAVOTITE,she is a very BEAUTIFUL woman of ukraine.
4 years ago 
There is only one thing I can do when I watch Valory that is jerk off. She is a perfect 10
4 years ago 
How I have waited for the return of Valory. She's so very beautiful and graceful. I only hope that you have managed to talk her into staying for a while and to shoot some more thrilling Score material.
4 years ago 
Thank you so much!!! Valory has one of the most beautiful faces on SCORE. lml
4 years ago 
Valory is wonderful, as usual. I really love her !
4 years ago 
That is one beautiful woman!

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