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SCORELAND Big Boob Videos

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Valory Irene - Solo Big Tits video
October 10th, 2010
Before arriving in the Dominican Republic, Valory had never modeled, so like any young woman who's doing it for the first time, she can't wait to see how she looks. When this video opens, Valory is looking at some pictures of herself in a digital camera. "I want to know how I look, and when I don't have a mirror in front of me, I can take pictures and see myself," she says. She also says, "I don't want a lot of people to see me naked." Valory, it's too late for that! A lot of people are going to see you naked. Thousands! Tens of thousands! Maybe millions! In this video, Valory also reveals that she doesn't exercise much, which just goes to show you that nothing is as good for your body as youth. "Do you play any sports?" we asked her. "No," she said. "Do you have any hobbies?" we asked. She looked down at her camera, smiled, looked up and said, "Yes! This!".