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Under water, overwhelming!

Featuring Valory Irene
Date October 9th, 2010
Duration 5:00
Valory goes into the pool wearing her SCORE T-shirt, and her nipples immediately poke right through. She jiggles her boobs underwater, then takes off her shirt and gives us some amazing views as her boobs defy gravity. Her waist looks tiny, which makes her breasts look even bigger than usual. "I think it would be fun to be in the water all the time, like a mermaid," Valory said. "Then I would never have to wear a bra." For the record, Valory always wears a bra, except when she's sleeping. Finding sexy bras that fit is difficult (because of the large size of her breasts and the small size of her ribcage), but she makes sure she wears a bra during the day because "I always want my breasts to look as good as possible." For most men, Valory wouldn't have to wear anything to look as good as possible. Naked is fine. But Valory knows the value of the tease. "If I give a man everything he wants all at once, he will not come back for more," Valory said. "I want to be worth waiting for.".

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