SCORELAND Big Boob Videos
SCORELAND Big Boob Videos
Valory, Cowgirl-Style!
Valory shows off her big guns as a cowgirl who can't keep 'em holstered. Her boobs keep falling out of her top, and then the camera pans down to give us a nice glimpse of cameltoe. Amazingly, even though Valory is from the Ukraine, she knows what a cameltoe is. Valory also shows off her soft side in this brief video as she pets a dog who belongs to the owner of the shooting location in the Dominican Republic. "I like rabbits and dogs," Valory tells us. "But I don't have any pets." That's partly because Valory lives in a big city, where keeping pets would be difficult, and partly because she's always so busy as the manager of an Internet company. "I work so much, I hardly have time to take care of myself," Valory said. "That is why it is so much fun to be a model. It is something I always dreamed of, and now I am living out my dream." And making our dreams come true.
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