SCORELAND Big Boob Videos
SCORELAND Big Boob Videos
Valory and the Banana
Valory is so innocent that she didn't immediately figure out what our interviewer was getting at when she asked her to eat a banana. But little by little, Valory gets into it, eating it sensuously, then placing it between her boobs for a tit-fuck preview. "It's my holder!" Valory says. Valory and the Caribbean is a perfect combination. Even though she's from an area in the world that doesn't see a lot of sun-and the beaches of the Black Sea can't match the beaches of the Caribbean Sea for natural beauty-she's clearly at home in a tropical environment. "I'd like to have sex under a palm tree, as long as no coconuts fall on my head!" Valory said, laughing. "I'm a romantic. I like when a man surprises me and takes his time to do special things for me." We have a feeling Valory will have a long line of men who are ready to do anything she asks.
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