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SCORELAND Big Boob Videos

Bustin' Into Miami

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July 23rd, 2014
Tori Karsin is a Texas bra-bustin', divorced MILF visiting Miami in this Bonus photo set. With Tori's looks and bod, she could easily pass for a hot Florida chick as well. In fact, when the editors first saw her photos, we thought she was from Florida. "People were yelling and shouting when we were taking these pictures," Tori said. That sounds like Miami. Tori loves to flash her body in public. "I'm really a small town girl. I come from the suburbs of Houston. I'm impressed by Miami, the buildings, the traffic. Everybody watching me, honking their horns. When they were honking, it made my pussy wet. I like the attention my big boobs get." Tori was a stripper for two years. She says it was the best job she's ever had. The wildest place Tori's had sex in was the VIP room of a strip club. That's about as naughty and adrenaline-pumping as it can get. .