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Tit Chat 2

Featuring: Tia Clegg
Date: February 2nd, 2017
Duration: 09:08
Tia Clegg talks in detail about sucking and jacking cock and balls in this follow-up chat. "That sounds exciting," says the photographer, in the understatement of the week. Tia lights up when he asks her if she would like to demonstrate some toy play, so he hands her a gigantic dildo with balls, slightly smaller than a fire hydrant. Tia takes off her halter top and dabs some lube on the toy. Tia wraps her lips around the head. She's into guys with big dicks but she can only get the tip in her mouth because of the extreme size and thickness. Tia shows her hand job and tit-fucking moves, talking about what she's doing step-by-step in her sexy voice.

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