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Nurse Terri Jane To Emergency Ward K

Featuring: Terri Jane
Date: May 31st, 2012
Duration: 13:41
Nurse Terri Jane To Emergency Ward K! The Terri Jane treatment may not work as a nursing recruitment film but it definitely will inspire a wave of potential patients to check into Terri's emergency ward and drop their drawers. Nurse Terri's spectacular bouncing up and down on the bed would be enough to put any man in traction for a few weeks and Terri knows it but she can't help herself. Unfortunately, real-life nurses can't dress like head nurse Terri. It's a sad fact of life. The first thing Terri decides to do is to give herself a complete examination. In this ward, the nurses wear bras but not panties. This helps to keep them from getting overheated during their rounds. The patients are the ones who get overheated. It's a small price to pay for the best in health care. Don't you agree?

What Members are saying about this update...

September 07, 2012
If I ever wind up in the hospital, this is what I want my nurse to look like. I'd probably have a heart attack & die after seeing her Incredible rack up close but it would be well worth it!
June 18, 2012
I love seeing these precious models in different outfits. Nurse is great but how about more of Terri in even more exotic and skimpier costumes? Worship you Terri!
June 02, 2012
super hot segment. She is beautiful so she could be sorting socks and I'd lose my shit. She thrusts her bra clad breasts up and out for all to see and it really shows their gorgeous size...I love it and basically everything she does. The hottest is all the movement while she is lying in bed with her gorgeous breasts splayed out and gently moving...yikes, I'm off the cliff!

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