SCORELAND Big Boob Videos
SCORELAND Big Boob Videos
Voluptuous Theater
The tit-slapping and flopping is off the scale in this vid starring Sunshine. The breast aficionado can appreciate the massive mounds of hooter flesh being swung and flung, hung and dangled. Do you like to have your tits fucked, Sunshine? Sunshine: It doesn't do all that much for me, but if he likes it, I'll do it to please him if I like him. A lot of the guys I have fucked, they like that. Let's face it, my tits are very fuckable, right? How does a man attract your attention? Sunshine: He treats me like a princess and looks after me like I'm special. How often do you have sex? Sunshine: It's always different. Sometimes a few times a week, sometimes every day.
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