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Summer Sinn - Solo Big Tits video
Summer Sinn once gave us a tutorial about handling her tits. And handling those tits is a major challenge, not for the faint-hearted. "Lick them and suck them," Summer instructed. "I like it. Softly, because they're sensitive. Don't bite them. I'm not into domination. Maybe start out by licking them a little, then sucking them a little, then licking them, then sucking some more. Pay lots of attention to them. Go from one to the other.
Featuring: Summer Sinn
Date: January 6th, 2008
Duration: 20:08

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Hookers! Why do so many guys of all ages with wives or girlfriends bang hookers or sneak off for hooker blow jobs? Fact is, sex with their loved ones can get routine and unexciting over time while sex with a hooker is raunchy and hot and they don't need to take them to dinner. Let us examine two case histories from the Big Tit Hooker files of two big-boobed girls with first-class cock-smoking talents, Kali West (Mamazon) and super-busty Summer Sinn (Sweater Stretchers). Kali has a very straightforward style of direct marketing. As her target customer passes her standing in an alley, she follows him and says, "Hey baby, you wanna fuck me? I'm a hooker." To the point and in-your-face. Her intended consumer is blitzed by Kali's shock-approach and makes an impulse buy, like someone at a checkout counter throwing a candy bar into his purchases. That Kali doesn't look like a lady of the evening, despite the makeup and clothing, guarantees success. Summer Sinn takes a different approach and literally, efficiently, steals a guy away from his clingy girlfriend right in front of her, using the promise of a dirty, nasty fuck with a slim & stacked professional nut-drainer. The living embodiment of the "hussy," Summer is no bait & switch scam artist. She delivers on her promise of a raw and raunchy porn star experience and has the tits, tongue and twat to make good, unlike the average politician. Which is why we endorse Summer Sinn for President.
Summer Sinn - XXX Big Tits video
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Jackumentary: Summer Sinn
And now for a video tribute to a self-proclaimed "retired porn princess and SCORE Girl," now a web-cam entertainer these days. Summer Sinn walked into the SCORE studio on July 20, 2004 and became a SCORE regular from that day on. Summer appeared in SCOREtv episodes 2 & 8, was a SCORE booth-babe at the Adult Entertainment Expo in 2006 (clips from that mob scene are in this jackumentary) and was the covergirl of two SCORE magazines and five SCORE DVDs (Sweater Stretchers, Stacked & Suckin', Big Tit P.O.V., SCORE Xtra 11 and Ultimate Summer Sinn). Summer's list of magazine and DVD credits are shown at the end of this video. The Scorecard letter section got this note a few years ago: "Summer Sinn has for so long pulled a major load of the action down there at SCORE and I always eagerly look forward to any of her XXX videos. A lot of changes over time. She has gone blonde and gotten hotter. I adore her blue eyes. The thing about Summer is that she is so great at all that she does and clearly enjoys it. Few women have the natural sexiness of Summer Sinn and thanks for giving me the opportunity to say so." On the first day we met Summer, she said, in her Bostonian accent, "I'm shy which I guess is surprising because I do this, and here I am sitting here naked and playing with my pussy, so that's not exactly what a shy girl is supposed to do, right? I'm quiet and shy but I love to fuck." Summer Sinn shy? That kind of shy made our day.
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