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Best of Anal SCORE Girls: Part 2

Date: January 16th, 2014
Duration: 27:55
Best of Anal SCORE Girls: Part 2 starts with Goldie Ray, one of the all-time most vocal and dirty-talking SCORE Girls of the last 22 years. Her mouth could make a longshoreman blush. Just watch Goldie jiggle her beautiful ass cheeks with a huge greased cock wedged in her tiny butthole. A very aggressive girl, pretty Goldie jerks the dick off in her face with an intensity close to sexual delirium. Black babydoll Stacey Monroe says she only has sex once a week but from the way she fucks and takes cock in her butt, it's probably more like twice a day seven days a week! Redheaded New Yorker Desiree has great abdominal and leg strength to be able to prop herself up in a reverse cowgirl and squat up and down on a BBC. "I like a big black cock in my ass," moans Desiree. She spreads her pussy lips open with her hand so the meat-pipe can be better seen sliding in and out of her tush-pipe. These babes have made ass-sex an art form! .

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