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SCORELAND Big Boob Videos

Czeching Out Prague

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June 23rd, 2009
Since you've seen Sophie bellydancing in her first video, I think you'll agree with me that Sophie's a really hot girl. In this video--on this trip, I operated the video camera as well as the still camera--Sophie talks a little bit as an introduction. I loved her accent. There's something about European girls speaking in their accented English that's very, very sexy, and Sophie's voice is dripping with a natural eroticism. I wish she had talked a bit more. It's hard to believe Sophie's only a 19 year-old student. I don't mean physically, I mean in confidence and poise. Life experience and maturity. I think her body looks much more awesome on video. It's like her leotard was about to rip to shreds from those swelling boobs. Physically, she reminds me of Melissa Mandikova, but a bit more voluptuous. Sophie has a drop-dead gorgeous body and she's proud of it. I thought her breasts were flawless. Her areolae are large--three inches across--and she has beautiful nipples. I can't imagine most Voluptuous guys not going crazy over her, especially after this video. I wonder what she's doing right now.