SCORELAND Big Boob Videos
SCORELAND Big Boob Videos

Czeching Out Prague
When we learned about Sophie, they flew me and a stylist to Prague in the Czech Republic where we met and photographed this young and busty Czech beauty. Sophie is a professional dance instructor. She knows all types of dancing. Her main interest is middle-eastern bellydancing. She even told me the proper names for each move as she did them. That's how precise she is when it comes to dancing. So in this video and in the pictorial, Sophie's actually doing what she teaches people to do. She started in mainstream commercial modeling and now she's transitioned into nude modeling but doesn't spread. Sophie's very confident. She's into hair, make-up, posing techniques. She speaks a little English but not a lot. People ask me how I can communicate with models when they don't speak English or speak very little and I speak no Czech at all. It's actually not that difficult once we getting going. I'll mirror the pose myself. I usually don't need to show them images or magazines. Sophie was very punctual, precise and prepared. She brought her costumes and accessories. She has a very clear vision of what she wants to look like on camera which makes everything easier. Her nipples are only mildly sensitive so she was able to tug on them without any pain or discomfort. I really enjoyed photographing her for SCORE and hope to do it again.
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