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SCORELAND Big Boob Videos

All The Boobs You Can Handle!

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June 9th, 2009
Slone Ryder is 40-32-40 and wears a 34DDD bra but she'll buy 36DD if she can't find triple D's. She's not average but she's the all-American babe-next-door, if you happen to be lucky enough to live next door to a striptease artist. "I was popular in school and just normal," says Slone who dances at The Manhattan Club in Richmond, Kentucky several times a week and is a local celebrity, or celebri-titty, as we sometimes call 'em. "I was the Homecoming Queen one year and I dated just one guy all through school. I was a cheerleader in school. I was in the Miss Kentucky pageant one year and have been in other, smaller ones, too." In this Scoreland video, Slone is going to say hello to her little friend and masturbate. "If I'm feeling really horny I'll do it twice a day. I really like to do it at night. I like the Bullet. And I like dildos that feel like a real cock. I like those a lot!" The toy Slone is sticking herself with doesn't look like a real dick but it does the trick. It's a trick dick stick. .