SCORELAND Big Boob Videos
SCORELAND Big Boob Videos
Simone Ray's dildo cunt-fuck
"My girlfriends say I'm more into having orgasms than they are," Simone Ray says. "I know I play with myself more than most of my friends do. I'm always buying a new toy or trying a new brand of lube. I like long, thin toys. Especially when I'm not dating anyone. I usually buy them on-line because I kinda get nervous walking into an adult store by myself. The last time I did, every man in the place was staring at me. I was the only girl. No one bothered me or talked to me but, boy, did they stare! My friends said I shouldn't have worn a short skirt and thong underwear but that's how I dress. The next time I go maybe I'll bring someone with me." Running Time: 6:31 .
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