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Top Heavy Chef

Featuring: Sheridan Love
Date: August 21st, 2014
Duration: 10:04
We hope the cooking channels don't start to copy SCORE and hire Sheridan Love and other big-boobed models after seeing this. Every SCORE guy would love to wake up, stumble into the kitchen and find this busty angel in a pink bikini making breakfast. When she appears at conventions and expos, her table is always jammed with fans wanting selfies with Sheridan. Sheridan gets recognized a lot. "My boobs make me stick out a little bit. Or they stick out a little bit, at least. My brothers used to always say that my boobs would come around the corner before the rest of me!" We asked Sheridan Love if she watches her SCORE videos at home. "I don't watch my scenes because I know I'd be a harsh critic of myself," Sheridan replied. "But I do look at the pictures." How can we change Sheridan's mind about that? .

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