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Head to the SCORE models' dressing room where the girls prepare themselves for your entertainment pleasure. Sheridan Love is the special guest and she's playing the game called "What's in her suitcase?" Take a look. The brunette hottie will be changing into several outfits that cling to her sexy body like plastic wrap. Notice the traffic-stopping nipple bumps on that blue tube top! Sheridan is a girl who knows exactly how to dress her hourglass body. No shapeless, drab clothing for this hot chick! "I either need to have things that lace up or halter tops or an outfit with stretchy material," Sheridan says. "I'm so proud of the way I look that I don't mind going out and flaunting it. If you've got it, flaunt it. I like to go for sheer and see-through. I dress sexy when I go out with lots of cleavage or sometimes see-through tops. I like going out shopping for something sexy to wear, and seeing the reactions I get." .
Featuring: Sheridan Love
Date: November 14th, 2013
Duration: 12:06

Member Comments

3 years ago 
I LOVE these scenes where the model is constantly stripping and re-dressing... The stripping parts are my faves of course, and we get to see multiples of them!
4 years ago 
She is wonderfull. I hope she will never wear panties or strings again.
4 years ago 
Sheridan is my now my fav Score model. She is also my ideal woman. A raven haired brunette with an hourglass figure, athletic body, great muscle tone, a bootylicious booty, huge yet proportionate boobs & a gorgeous face. Add to that a down to earth personalty & a sense of humor & you have imho, the perfect woman. Cooking is nice too but when a girl has a body like Sheridan, who really cares?

On a sidenote: I almost passed out when she bent over in that blue dress. Very hot! I really hope you guys will do a photoshoot with her in that outfit someday.

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