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Sheridan Love is a bouncer and a jiggler and she's proud of it. We've heard of having a spring in your step but Sheridan takes that to a whole new level. "My boobs make me stick out a little bit," says a laughing Sheridan in the understatement of the year. "Or they stick out a little bit, at least. My brothers used to always say that my boobs would come around the corner before the rest of me!" People will walk over to Sheridan and actually ask to touch her big boobs. "I was out having some drinks with some friends, and some guy came up to me and said, 'You have great boobs. Can I touch them?' I said okay. Then he said thanks and walked away. It was fine. I'd rather that than a guy trying to do it without asking." .
Featuring: Sheridan Love
Date: October 20th, 2013
Duration: 07:51

Member Comments

4 years ago 
I loved watching her breastercize gorgeous woman I can watch her all day.
4 years ago 
OMG...forget Linsey Dawn; you've found the ultimate SCORE girl. This girl has it all, perky sweet personality, she's so flexible, ultimately voluptuous...she is gorgeous, sweet full lips and mouth, pretty eyes, ungodly beautiful thick head of hair...and maybe the best breasts I have ever seen...and that takes some doing. They are full, bouncy, perfectly shaped, great areola, and a big fat nipple on each. Get this girl long time and immediately! If I were SCORE, I would pair this girl with someone like JMac and watch this girl just totally wear him out!! She could do it! Your close to ultimate girl!!!
4 years ago 
more sheridan please

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