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Foxy Lady

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February 10th, 2014
Shay Fox has been in porn for four years. You'll be seeing her fucking at SCORELAND on February 15th. In this video chat, former exotic dancer Shay talks about her interests, her sexual interests and fantasies and more. She is a foxy lady and a MILF. "I started when I was 40, so I was in my sexual prime. Uninhibited. Still exploring, but I knew my body very well. I was single. I'm still single, and it was something I definitely pre-thought. I had no one to answer to. I'm not embarrassed. Sex is a very natural thing, and people put too much emphasis on the bad of sex, and it's not bad. I love it. Sex on-camera is no different from sex off-camera, but some people are really into voyeurism, and that little piece of somebody seeing me is very exciting and a bit more of a turn-on.".