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"I like to show my sexy cleavage," Shanie Gaviria said as the SCORE camera rolled. "I get a lot of attention because of my breasts, and I love it." Shanie's body is really amazing. She's a work of living art. We've known about Shanie for a long time and now, finally, she and SCORE connected. Our photographer traveled to Colombia for this opportunity. Shanie said she doesn't workout which is all the more amazing. She doesn't play any sports either but her favorite football (soccer) team is, naturally, America de Cali since Cali is her hometown. No doubt the players would be honored to know that. Shanie's magazine debut is in the April 2018 edition of SCORE. This issue has over three hours of free video including a Shanie scene.
Featuring: Shanie Gaviria
Date: November 16th, 2017
Duration: 18:40

Member Comments

4 months ago 
More of her please - crazy hot.
5 months ago 
Score needs to do a Latina/Colombian-themed video with Shanie, Shara Lopez, and Katy Shavon all naked, shaking their tits, and talking dirty in Spanish. That would be hot!
5 months ago 
Where is she? Do more of her.
6 months ago 
I've been Following this girl on Social Media for a While now. I didn't realize she was on her until she mentioned it the other day
Glad she decided to Model for you guys. I hope there's Much more to Come.
Her Self Boob Sucking skills are Perfect!
Amazing Rack, Amazing Ass. I just wish I could've seen more of her ass as well
Otherwise 5 stars
6 months ago 
I am bat shit in LOVE with this new mega honey hottie....she is powerfully gorgeous in every dream way. Massive to die for tits, a bangn hot ass, I'm in love with you hips, legs I want wrapping my head....insanely hot an her ink works too with that beautiful skin tone. I love her movements as they are seduction inspired.....and in that super vixen outfit, fuck me I am cooked right quick. However, at 13 min, she takes it to the stratosphere that I love, laid back legs up and pulled back sharing that pink cookie extraordinaire.... with those hot fukn shoes....incredibly hot. She stays true to that leg up and pulled position to the end and even adds some arm behind the knee for more pull back and pink spread....a total fave of mine. She double finger plunges that dream box and lets her spit hit her gorgeous tits right down to that delicious box...fukn way hot... This gorgeous woman melts the sensibilities with no effort....fukn love it all babe...!!!
6 months ago 
This woman has nice curves!
6 months ago 
This woman is amazing !!!! Need to see lots more of her and often !!!!
7 months ago 
It's like staring into the sun!
7 months ago 
This is an incredibly beautiful woman, with an insane figure. Never heard of her before, so I'm glad Score brought her to my attention. Looking forward to seeing more of her in the future.
7 months ago 
You can bring her back for a photo shoot and video every week as far as I'm concerned. I'd never get tired of viewing this hotty! Wow!
7 months ago 
Wow Another New Comer that is amazing. Thank you so much Score Group for bringing us these beautiful women with amazing tits and bodies. Shanie Gaviria kept saying though out the video about her tits being delicious and I have to say I agree with her. I would have to say her pussy is even more delicious and I love the way she finger fucked her pussy. I love the way she played with her tits and nipples and I love how she sucked on both tits at at the same time. The part of this video that made me shot my load is when Shanie was fingering her pussy and sucking on her tits at the same time. Shanie is hot, sexy, gorgeous, beautiful, and she knows it. I love watching her playing with her amazing body!!! I would love to fuck her doggy style and smack her ass. I would love her tits bouncing as I fuck her .I think everyone on this website is agreement when I say more Shanie as soon and often as possible.
7 months ago 
First time I've ever been able to get off watching A solo video . This woman is perfect! Increase the price! Let us see her do some hard-core with a male actor that doesn't moan all the time and suck air through his teeth every five seconds ,please ! Find a guy that's attracted to her when she does do a hard-core scene ,so his dick actually gets hard , please! I'm really sick of these male porn actors that can't get a hard on properly ! Pay her extra and let's see her fucking a guy, soon! Ten stars! Bravo!
7 months ago 
Thank you so much for bringging Shanie to Scoreland, I've been a great fan of her for years, I had been waiting to see professional photos and videos of her since she is only devoted to do webcams shows by her own, I never thought I could ever see her in Score but now it's a reality. She is the best signing for Score since Hitomi. More of her and XXX her please. lml
7 months ago 
Holy smokes! Wow... Spanish the love language.
7 months ago 
Wow. One of the seven wonder of the world !
7 months ago 
Omfg what an incredible stunning beauty!!! The moment Shanie began plunging her 2 middle fingers in & out of her wet juicy cunt the precum hungrily dripped from my big swollen cockhead!!! Needless to say I've already busted 2 nuts to her video & crave wanting more of her already. Bring her back ASAP!!! Mmmm delicious
7 months ago 
Sweet mother of jeesus.

Pls bring her back.

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