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Like her new friend and fellow countrywoman Valory Irene, Sha Rizel is a slim and stacked natural wonder. This was Sha's first SCORE trip and her traveling companion and roommate in the Dominican Republic was Valory. Valory translated for Sha who speaks Ukrainian and Russian and little English. For this pictorial, Sha wears a skimpy two-piece with stockings and heels. The sea and the mountains in the background pale in comparison to Sha's beauty. "I try to go to the gym in my free time," Sha said about her interests back home. "I try to go just about every day. At least every other day. I like to work-out because I love staying in good shape. I also love cooking for my family and friends.
Featuring: Sha Rizel
Date: March 7th, 2014
Duration: 20:42

Member Comments

2 years ago 
Agree with HIGHSCORER and Jupiter, more full-body scenes and less up-angles please. HIGHSCORER and Jupiter, you guys are not the only ones. :)
3 years ago 
I totally agree with HIGHSCORER, because there is no better way to enjoy a female body than filming the FULL BODY, the entire beauty. You said in your comments [I'm always in the mood for more full-body camera framing of such an amazing body as Sha's]. Please Score can you film all these girls from now on, showing A LOT the FULL-BODY camera framing and I think is important that the camera should not be on a lower than a normal human eye level. By keeping the camera in that eye level, that let us to see the whole beauty of her body with no distortion. Because I have seen that a lower camera angle or a higher angle, they distort the view. Do not get me wrong they are super nice to see and enjoyable but we need the full body shot in film and stills because those are the best they let our eyes to see these girls just like they really stunning beautiful incredible they are with their unique proportions that travels to the lenses with no distortion almost like if we are standing in front of them. I have to confess that I love to see a woman in its entire full figure frame, because that way you can measure everything for example her hips, waist, chest ratio proportions with no distortion. You cannot do that if the angle of the camcorder or still camera is lower or higher than a normal eye angle. Thanks Score for filming these Goddesses. Please if you can include more full body shots, longer in time, more more often and frequent in every video file and picture, then we will be able to compare every single model against each other and see the differences in their proportions between them for example NIcole Peters huge areolas with another girl that has smaller areolas, at the same time you can compare on a frontal shot pic it the breast is very saggy or not, that is the idea. That bring us to please ask you to include on the shots a profile left and right side view shot, a back side, and the supreme and most important the FRONTAL shot with hands down leaving the boobs to hang free. That will be the paradise here on earth. I am sure that will be the best thing to do. THANK YOU AGAIN AND KEEP UP YOUR STUNNING WORK!...
3 years ago 
Valory Irene appears really down to earth and I love her accent. Her eyes are awesome! Sha has such a perfect body and it shows that she works out to maintain the beautiful shape.
4 years ago 
Love the Video, gorgeous woman
4 years ago 
She is such a great girl!
4 years ago 
Well, you know this video features Sha Rizel, so you probably already think it's going to be wonderful. I thought so, too and I must say ... it IS! WOW! Sha's still wonderfully, exotically, and dramatically beautiful & sexy.

But did you know she's also very graceful? I'd had hints of it before with the general way she moves but this video was allowed to capture more of that part of Sha. The solo part, which starts at about 3 1/2 minutes in, opens with a full-length shot of Sha doing her graceful model walk and I love that. (I wish there had been more footage like this with Sha in the nude!) Later, she does some very graceful, sexy, and erotic dance moves. (Again, I want to see more of this with Sha in the nude!) I know we've read that she does dance well in several different styles but, wow! We definitely need to see more of that! At least, I do!

Throughout the video Sha blows us kisses beautifully, dramatically, and so sexily, and she winks at us several times, too. And for me, that is SUCH a turn-on! In one instance, Sha winks and licks her upper lip simultaneously and let me tell you: if I'd been anywhere close at the time, THAT would've pushed me over the edge to orgasm! Even when Sha isn't doing either of those things, her face is enjoyably animated and charming and/or sexy in expression.

I'm very glad Score allowed the natural ambient sounds to form the soundtrack, rather than obliterate them with the more common, annoying forms of music. Instead, we get to hear the breeze blowing constantly, the occasional bird call, the strains of music muted by distance, and all the little incidental noises that Sha makes. These sensual, experience enhancing sounds include the quiet clicks of Sha's footsteps, the taps of her fingernails, her mock gasps of surprise, the clack of her bracelet pearls between her teeth, the brushes of her hands smoothing over her lingerie, the quieter whispers of her panties being lowered, the delightful sound of their hitting the floor, and the snaps of the garter belt unfastening from the stockings. Nor can I forget the sounds of Sha's jewelry as she plays with it, or the creaks of the chair as Sha kneels in it and begins to sway the feminine derriere that frames her flower petal pussy, and how it continues as she maneuvers her body to further disrobe. And faint though they are in intensity, my arousal is great in hearing the sounds of Sha's breasts being shaken together and the kiss of her fingertips before she blows it our way. All these sounds are an enjoyable part of the sight they accompany for a sensualist such as I.

And talking of sensuality, what about the sight of Sha, in a full-body frame, slowly crawling away from us, glancing over her shoulder at us? Or the sight and sounds of Sha slowly removing her stockings and playfully swatting the camera with them? How about all Sha's marvelous breastplay? I know everybody watching will be ready to enthuse over it, as Sha playfully highlights how large and natural her unique breasts really are! I also get off on the delight on Sha's face as she plays with them. Clearly she loves doing it or, more likely, loves doing it for us! Mmmmm-hmmm!

Do I think this is a perfect video? No, not quite, at least for me. I'm always in the mood for more full-body camera framing of such an amazing body as Sha's. Especially Sha's. And I really think a more laid-back, less formal looking outfit, one more in keeping with the popular idea of the island lifestyle, would've been better. Perhaps a halter top, a sarong, and bare feet. Also, hair swept up on the sides and hanging long in the back. But that's probably just me (maybe others, too!).

All in all, a fantastic Sha video, especially with its inclusion of the opening mini-interview and scenes from the girls' arrival. Well done, Score! And, of course, thank you SO very much, Sha, for sharing yourself with us in such a very delightful way!

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