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After School Special

Featuring: Sha Rizel
Date: July 8th, 2013
Duration: 20:24
If you had to study with Sha Rizel, you would never get any work done and you would flunk out. However, you would flunk out with a smile on your face. And we don't recommend studying for any tests while watching this Sha video called "After School Special" at the same time. There's no way you'll be able to focus and concentrate with Sha's beautiful face and knock-out body pulling you into the monitor. After Sha gets naked, she changes into a hot red dress that clings to her curves like cellophane. Schoolgirl by day, hottie by night? Works for us! We sent Sha some questions and she answered a few of them in the stacks before she got frisky and started taking her schoolgirl uniform off. We hope to get the rest of her answers before the semester is over. What type of foreplay do you like? Sha: Dirty talk and kissing my neck, my tits, my stomach and my pussy. Have you ever had sex in public? Sha: No, I'm too shy for that. Do you masturbate? Sha: No, I have men for that.

What Members are saying about this update...

August 13, 2017
The Best, The Best!!!
August 13, 2017
I Love You Sha!!!
October 27, 2013
I would love to be one of the men who makes it unnecessary for Sha to
masturbate. As for me, I must masturbate when I see her images and videos!
September 13, 2013
I know she says she doesn't masturbate, because she has men to take
care of her, but I don't want to see her fucking. She is gorgeous, and
knows what we like (boobs, mostly), and I want to see HER, without some
guy's hairy butt in the way. Please keep her All-Girl.
July 09, 2013
E = mc what? Good thing I already finished my degree. Now
that I'm done, can I help you masturbate Sha Rizel? Great
video - she always makes me cum!
July 08, 2013
Sha has a SaRenna Lee vibe about her.
Thanks Score for bringing the videos back 90's style.

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