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Sabrina-Jade is a part-time model but she's well on her way to being full-timer since she busted into the modeling scene. She's new to modeling but a fast learner. She has a great sense of humor and is easygoing. The English bra-buster can always repair her own bras when she busts them because she's a seamstress. Her tits are absolutely gigantic and natural and she loves to wear tops that show off her deep cleavage. Sabrina-Jade's next scene is hardcore. "I tailor my own clothes because my big breasts and small back can be a problem with standard sizes. I love sexy clothing and heels. I own many sexy dresses, catsuits, corsets, PVC and leather clothing, lots of boots and shoes and, oh yes, bondage outfits as well. "I began to develop at 14 years old," said Sabrina.
Featuring: Sabrina-Jade
Date: June 18th, 2017
Duration: 14:24

Member Comments

1 year ago 
What a sexy Lady.
So good to hear She loved XXX.
Can you please also show her wearing some of Her boots and leather enjoying sex with some studs....
1 year ago 
Thank you for introducing Sabrina-Jade to the Scoreland members. Sabrina-Jade is very hot and very busty so her popularity will probably be assured. I'm looking forward to her first hardcore scene , which I hope will be the first of many boy-girl scenes to come.

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Sabrina-Jade - XXX Big Tits video
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What would you do? There's a knock on the door. Sam answers to find a desperate brunette in need of help. Her car has broken down and her phone doesn't work. She needs to make a call. Do you let her in the house or turn her down? Let's add in some details. The lady at the door, Sabrina-Jade, is wearing a coat, and under her coat, she has on a bikini under a sheer dress. She's teetering in extreme heels. Looks like she was out clubbing all night. One more detail...curvy and mature Sabrina-Jade also has huge, natural tits that she loves to flaunt in guys' faces. What do you do? Sam lets her in and takes her to a room where there's a phone. He's gobsmacked by the sight of her chest and she knows it. One thing leads to another and before long, he's being invited to feel her big, soft jugs. His hands are dwarfed by her breasts. Sabrina-Jade never does get around to making that phone call. Lowering her dress and bikini top, Sam makes a dive for Sabrina-Jade's nipples and sucks away. There will be time to use the phone later. Sabrina-Jade wants a hard dick in her mouth now and can't wait. Her head bobs up and down on his cock. She takes his bloating shaft deep in her throat and out again in a rhythmic way while her hand squeezes one of her tits. Sam finds a bottle of lube tucked in the couch and squirts some on her breasts, the better to fuck her tits. Sabrina-Jade lies back on the couch so he can dick her down. She holds her shaking boobs as he pumps her English pussy. Her hands are dwarfed by her quivering breasts. All he had to do was open his door to a damsel in distress and it's Christmas.
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