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The SaRenna Lee Jackumentary

Featuring: SaRenna Lee
Date: June 28th, 2016
Duration: 47:59
SaRenna Lee Jackumentary "I was a 32D-cup," SaRenna Lee said about growing up in Florida. "I started developing breasts early so I was teased pretty bad. I didn't really care for them at that age because I was very tomboyish. I played football with the boys and I liked cars. I hated Barbie. I was really a rough, tough-stuff kind of little girl." SaRenna began dancing in 1989 and she made it a full-time career in 1992. "In Texas, when you work in a club, the stage is secondary. You make most of your money doing lap dances. I've always loved the stage, but I wasn't very good at working the floor because I used to get intimidated. I went over to a club called Gigi's that booked features to see how they did it and find out how to get started." In August, 1995, SaRenna sailed on the second Boob Cruise, the third Cruise in 1997 and again on the 1998 Cruise.

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September 20, 2016
What Ads7800 said. Couldn't improve on it.
July 09, 2016
The scene toward the end where she gets fucked in the ass by Sana Fey is probably the hottest bit of porn I have ever seen.
June 30, 2016
I absolutely LOVE Sarenna! Her face and breasts are to die for, which everyone knows, but what sets her apart for me are her incredibly appetizing pussy and asshole. I could go down on her for days (while playing with her tits, of course!). Mega Boob Olympics is one of my top three all-time Score videos.

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