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No. 20: SaRenna Lee

Featuring: SaRenna Lee
Date: 06/06/2012
Duration: 03:32 min.
Back in the 1990s, when SCORE was in its infancy, you could have asked any big-boob lover to name the one girl most-associated with the magazine and the answer you would have received is "SaRenna Lee." Not Chloe Vevrier. Not Linsey Dawn McKenzie. SaRenna Lee. The girl who epitomized the mega-slim 'n' stacked glamour girl of that period. The girl who's so beautiful that her December '93 cover (her "Marilyn Monroe" cover) continues to be the one-and-only face-only cover in SCORE history. The girl who was our hands-down choice to grace the cover of the 10th anniversary issue (June 2002). The girl who finished 20th in our "20 for 20" voting of SCORELAND members. What? Times have changed. If this voting had taken place 10 years ago, chances are SaRenna would have finished in the top three. But naturally-stacked babes have taken over the big-boob world.

What Members are saying about this update...

December 31, 2014
Deserves to be in the top 3 for sure. Everything you could ask for in a big boob model.
June 03, 2014
Deserves to be higher on the list... MUCH higher... Top 5 lady, for sure... She should NEVER have been #20
May 27, 2014
Slim (most of the time), huge breasts, lovely face and feminine. An ultimate looking female, imo.
June 30, 2012
She is definately #1 all time greatest! ...something went wrong, recount??
thony lee
June 27, 2012
20th??? pfff! she's the best model score ever have...
June 16, 2012
First off, I'm glad SaRenna on the list. I voted for her a
nd she definitely deserves it. Secondly, I'm not surprised
that Tracy Topps or Tiffany Towers are NOT on the list, even
though I voted for them. Neither of them have modeled in a
long time. The one the DOES surprise me is Minka! Minka's
still at it, and is still getting Score men (including this
Score man) off to this day! That one's a shocker, but so
far, I must say the list is shaping up pretty well.
June 07, 2012
SaRenna is one of the most elegant women in the world. The Marilyn Monroe pictorial is just about the greatest photoset ever!
June 07, 2012
I agree- top three- could even peg her as #1.
Howlin' Commander
June 07, 2012
SaRenna is "Stunning" ! The Great Boobs are a given however she is one of the few that also has a great pair of legs & a beautiful ass - The complete package ! Bring her back - whatever it takes.
June 07, 2012
This is very sad - she is worthy of the top 3 - most recent popular girls in Score should really be Voluptuous models - there should be a cut off at 27 inch waist

Nicole Peters - Solo Big Tits video

Available in HD
Nicole Peters
No. 6: Nicole Peters
The year 2003 was an incredible one for naturally stacked models. It was the year that gave us Angela White, Ines Cudna, Melanie Addison and Brandy Talore. Cherry Brady, Sapphire and Sunshine on V-Mag's side of things, too. But when all the votes were counted for 2003 Newcomer of the Year, the results weren't close. Nicole Peters was the landslide winner. Seven years later, when Nicole became eligible for the Big-Boob Hall of Fame, the results again weren't close. Nicole was in.

Not bad for a shy girl from England who we discovered by accident. In 2003, Nicole was a 19-year-old student living in Yorkshire England. She answered a models-wanted ad to make some extra money, but the photographer, who specialized in Goth and fetish models, didn't know what to do with Nicole and her big tits. Nonetheless, he photographed her a few times, then got in touch with the SCORE Studio in Miami, Florida. From there, we handed things off to our shooters in London, who knew exactly what to do with her. Nicole made a rare double-debut on the cover of the April 2003 issues of both SCORE and Voluptuous and was an instant hit.

Nicole was a natural in front of the camera with her sparkling eyes and inviting smile. And, of course, her J-cup naturals that hang as enticingly as any pair ever. They just might be the greatest hangers of all time (you guys can be the judges of that). But despite her popularity among big-boob lovers, Nicole never let her fame go to her head. As SCORELAND editor Elliot James said, "She's the kind of girl who will never realize the extent of the impact her huge ta-tas, curvy bod and pretty face have on the male brain." Of course, that naivete is part of what makes her special.

"I'd like to be well-known, like Jordan or Linsey," Nicole once said. "But I don't think I will."

Maybe not as famous as Linsey, but sixth-greatest SCORE Girl of all-time isn't bad at all.
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Chloe Vevrier - Solo Big Tits video

Available in HD
Chloe Vevrier
No. 4: Chloe Vevrier
She's Das Wunderbabe, sultry and sexy, exotic, naturally busty with great legs and a superb ass, a woman who loves men and women. She's an original, taking us way back to the early years of SCORE, to the January 1993 issue, when she made her worldwide magazine debut with a pictorial shot on the beach in Eleuthera, the Bahamas.

So many things come to mind when we think about Chloe. There's that first appearance, when she graced the cover and 12 pages inside the magazine (a length that was unprecedented then and has rarely been equalled for a single-model layout). She's a girl who loves pussy as well as cock and went tit-to-tit with Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Danni Ashe, Autumn-Jade, Julia Miles and Susie Wilden. In 1998, she was honored with The SCORE Group's first single-model website, the still-popular ChloesWorld.com. And in 2009, she earned a spot in the SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Fame.

Her body, of course, was the main reason for her appeal: big, heavy naturals that hung enticingly, a curvy waist, an ass she loved to show off and strong, shapely legs. This was the body that Lorna Morgan and Kerry Marie (also members of our "20 for 20") worshiped and oiled poolside in Key Largo, Florida for the On Location Key Largo shoot. And then there was her sexuality. One look from Chloe could melt a man or a woman. She maintained this air of mystery despite showing it all and doing it all (two boy-girl scenes in addition to her numerous girl-girls).
"She was a superstar before she even posed," SCORE chief John Fox once said.

Born in East Berlin to French and Czech parents, Chloe had been approached by many photographers with offers to model and refused all of them until she met SCORE's John Graham. John recognized greatness when he saw it, but Chloe had no idea what her future held and how popular she would become.

"When you start with very little, you have low expectations," Chloe said. "I didn't have any luxuries like proper bras or new panties when I was young, but I didn't expect them either. My family existed, like all the other families."

But she is unlike any other woman in big-boob history.
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Hitomi - Solo Big Tits video

Available in HD
No. 10: Hitomi
She has already been acclaimed as the greatest naturally-stacked Asian SCORE Girl ever (although, in all truthfulness, there haven't been a lot of naturally-stacked Asian girls who have measured up to SCORE standards). Now, according to SCORELAND members, she's the 10th-greatest SCORE Girl ever. Not bad for a girl who didn't make her SCORE debut until the January 2012 issue and wasn't even on the magazine's "20 for 20" ballot.

Hitomi was already a sensation in her native Japan when she made her American-based Internet debut in 2011 and her international magazine debut in 2012. You're not going to find a lot of adult models with their own Wikipedia page, but Hitomi is one of them, described on Wikipedia as a "Japanese AV and gravure idol" (AV for adult videos, gravure for tamer magazine posing). When she arrived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last year for the On Location Puerto Vallarta shoot, it was her first trip outside of Japan. She speaks very little English, so we flew in a female translator from Japan to spend the week with Hitomi and our video crew.

Hitomi speaks with her body language, and it always comes through on-camera. She can be as sweet as a schoolgirl or as smolderingly hot as the wildest porn star. Her beautiful, almond-shaped eyes penetrate the camera and she has a way of handling her body--especially her large, heavy, J-cup breasts--that tells you she's comfortable with it, even though her body is so unique among Asian girls. She juts her breasts into the camera. She oils them lovingly. She stacks them and pushes them together, always while looking at you.

SCORELAND member Randy wrote, "One could spend a year looking at all of the Japanese cuties that arrive in Hawaii daily and you will not see one like Hitomi. She is clearly one of a kind. In all the time I've spent in Hawaii, I have yet to see any Japanese lady as well endowed as she is. She's almost too good to be true!"

Wrote another member, "Hitomi is like a busty anime girl come to life!"

She came into our lives, and now she's in the Top 10.
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Autumn-Jade - Solo Big Tits video

Available in HD
No. 8: Autumn-Jade
A SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Famer, Autumn-Jade from Huntsville, Alabama was a popular girl from the start in 1998, and her popularity increased in 2001 when she returned 20 pounds heavier with 34I-cups. Autumn had been slim at 124 pounds with already impressive 36DDD hooters on a 5'2" frame, but those extra pounds filled her out perfectly with most of the weight going to her chest. So there are two distinct phases to Autumn's modeling career: 1998-2000 and post-2001.

Autumn's pre-modeling days are well-documented in our magazines and on SCORELAND and Autumn-Jade.com. She was working in a chicken factory when a girlfriend told her to try bikini dancing in a local club. She came to SCORE's attention when our studio saw some snapshots, and from then on, her path was set. Autumn likes girls, so she was a natural for girl-girl action. Autumn got it on with Chloe Vevrier, Russian Kathy and Linsey Dawn McKenzie, and came across as the wide-eyed ingénue she was, although Linsey was actually two years younger than Autumn.

In late 1999, SCORE booked Autumn to sail on Boob Cruise 2000, but when our office phoned her with the Cruise details, her phone number in Huntsville was no longer in service. Autumn had moved without leaving behind her forwarding address and phone number. Boob Cruise 2000 sailed without Autumn, her whereabouts a mystery.

A year later in 2001, after some staffers talked and reminisced about Autumn, a SCORE editor set out to see if he could find her and bring her back. Over a few weeks, he spoke with different club owners in Alabama and left messages. A few months later, Autumn phoned our offices in Miami, Florida. She was dancing at Platinum Place in Memphis, Tennessee, and, thanks to a helpful club manager, word had gotten to her that the people from SCORE magazine wanted to speak to her.

The Autumn that showed up in our studio had matured and was much more confident, but she hadn't lost her country-girl style. She was still the wide-eyed, sweet, Southern chick who guys loved. The "new" Autumn-Jade appeared first on SCORELAND and then in the February 2002 SCORE and March 2002 Voluptuous magazines. In her video girl-girls with Lilith and Sierra, she was their sexual equals, and she decided to try boy-girl. Her first was an army boot camp session for Ultimate Autumn.

These days, Autumn is completely retired from modeling and fondly remembers her days at SCORE, her magazine appearances, meeting other models and her life at the time. An editor talked to her recently, and she's well and happy in Alabama and sends everyone her best wishes and thanks for their support.
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Karina Hart - Solo Big Tits video

Available in HD
Karina Hart
No. 2: Karina Hart
Until Karina Hart came along in 2008, there had never been anyone like her in the SCORE universe. We'd seen plenty of girls with big, full, heavy tits (although few with breasts as big, firm and beautifully shaped as Karina's H-cups), but what Karina brought to the game was a brickhouse body: those huge naturals on top of a small waist, then a big, round, firm ass any butt-lover could appreciate, leading down to long, strong, shapely legs that you'd love to have wrapped around your back. This Slovakian girl-next-door, a student studying in the Czech Republic when we first met her, has a body that's not supposed to exist in nature, but it does, this one time. For a man who loves curves, Karina is like an impossible dream come true.

Karina won 2008 Newcomer of the Year and 2009 Model of the Year. Last year, she was voted one of SCORE's 20 Greatest Naturals. In 2010, she finished a close second to Christy Marks in SCORELAND's "Best of the Decade" for 2000-09. Karina finishing ahead of Christy this time (with presumably the same base of voters) is not odd because the margin between Christy and Karina in "Best of the Decade" was razor-slim.

But the most important thing to know about Karina's greatness is that in 2008, we flew our crew halfway around the world from Florida to Hungary to capture her one-and-only boy-girl scene, a scorching tits 'n' tugs in Busty Riding Academy. The DVD is still a best-seller.

"I never dreamed it would be like this when I discovered SCORE," Karina said. "I thought I would model once or twice and that would be it. I didn't plan on becoming a star."

Karina is a natural in front of the camera. Her sexuality always comes through, and there has never been a SCORE Girl who can handle a dildo or vibrator the way she does. Her ease and level of comfort with pleasing herself--and her viewers--is remarkable and dick-stiffening.

"I want men to enjoy looking at my pictures," Karina said. "I want to hear about it."

She just heard about it: She's the second-greatest SCORE Girl ever.
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Merilyn Sakova - Solo Big Tits video

Available in HD
Merilyn Sakova
No. 5: Merilyn Sakova
We called her the "Discovery of the Decade" when she debuted in the September '05 "New Naturals" issue of SCORE. As we wrote, "Her name is Merilyn Sakova, she lives in Russia and she's 20 years old. And she found us! Merilyn emailed us some topless pics, and we immediately dispatched one of our scouts to the small town where she lives." It was worth the long journey, as has been every trip we've taken to photograph Merilyn. In 2007, we made the almost-unprecedented move of flying to Kiev, Ukraine to shoot one model: Merilyn, for the DVD In Yer Face. It became one of our best-selling single-model DVDs ever.

Here's what is 100% unprecedented: Merilyn's run of success in SCORE's year-end awards. She won 2005 Newcomer of the Year, 2006 Model of the Year and was runner-up two years in a row. And then she finished third in SCORELAND's "Model of the Decade" contest. Of course, she's one of our 20 greatest naturals, too. Until Miosotis and Venera came along, Merilyn had no equal in the slim-and-naturally stacked category with her tiny waist and G-cup tits. On top of that, she's one of our most-sensual models ever. As K.P. said nearly seven years ago, "She has it all: beautiful face, great ass and legs, tiny waist and those huge, all-natural-breasts. She is the pure definition of a SCORE Girl." Added L.R. from Philadelphia, "Next to the words SCORE Girl in the dictionary, there should be a picture of Merilyn."

Next to the phrase "Top 5 SCORE Girls of all-time," there is.
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