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Roxi Red has to sleep in a bra. Her gigantic tits need all the support she can get. That bra that Roxi is sleeping in looks lightweight for her incredible rack. It shows a huge amount of boobage. Roxi gets out of bed and jiggles her jugs encased in the bra cups. Every time we see Roxi, the sight of her knockers knocks us out. They're beyond belief. Roxi goes to the bathroom and rubs cream on her American treasures. She rubs and rubs and claps and slaps her tits together. All that rubbing and jiggling heats up Roxi and her boobs.
Featuring: Roxi Red
Date: June 25th, 2017
Duration: 12:02

Member Comments

9 months ago 
HOODGE has it right...rare treasure for sure, a class of one. As a longtime Roxi fan, I can never stops praising her pure beauty. Yes, she is a curve goddess of indefatigable proportion, that is not even in debate. However, it must be imparted that her striking beauty in clothes and movement and styling are simply outstanding. I've always loved every inch of this beautiful and statuesque woman and the fact that she graced TSG with all she has to offer is a true aligning of the stars. I never tire of her outstanding content and how much she gives to the TSG brethren and whenever I comment on Roxi, it's always the same theme; I can't relate how powerfully attracted she makes me...a true vision of straight up gorgeous beauty.
10 months ago 
An absolute Gorgeous Boob treasure you have Score on your many hands needed to hold and secure those amazing milkers. When you think of the many "Wonders Of The World" like the Alps, Grand Canyon, or the Pyramids of Egypt, none of them compare to the wonders of Gigantic Natural Boobs. Seeing the beautiful Roxi carry and play with her super fleshed globes is a sight that could only be truly complete by actually being there in the flesh with her. Having her stand in front of you or being behind her to feel and try to hold those big, firm, and incredibly round tits must be like holding a very rare, expensive treasure. Priceless indeed. Very hard to believe that tits can grow on a gorgeous lady like her that huge, heavy, and perfect looking. Dam the fun sexual activities you could do with Roxi's tits alone could keep you busy for whole afternoons and evenings before even getting to her delicious looking pussy. A hard to believe sight to behold and it's got me longing to hold those perfect, giant, natural wonders of Roxi. Never let those tits escape from your grips Score. A treasure hard and rare to find indeed!
10 months ago 
Wowww she is one of the best! Huge and beautiful breast. I would love to see her with a hairy pussy.
10 months ago 
Looks like Roxy has "more cushion for the pushing".

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