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Roxi Red takes bikini busting to a whole new level in this sun-drenched scene at poolside. Miss Red tells us that shopping for bikinis that fit her properly can take hours and she usually has to have the tops tailored for her. How many of us would take a job as Roxi's bikini fitter? At her latest measuring at SCORE, she broke the tape at 55 inches and her bras are now 38L! "I love watching my videos and looking at how my pictures come out," Roxi said. "I'm always up for coming back to SCORE for more. They always take care of me." What's the best thing about Roxi Red being Roxi? "Having a special body like this and what it's given me and the pleasure that I give the men who admire me," said Roxi. And that's a fact! .
Featuring: Roxi Red
Date: October 26th, 2016
Duration: 11:36

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1 year ago
1 year ago 
Roxi always brings the heat. She is a curve lovers dream. I love her look and especially her hair and face when she walks in the house; bun up top with wavy pieces drifting down each side of her face...and then of course, everything else. I loved when she sat and laid back and the camera shoots down low, straight up the valley with her taking care of her sweet pussy while giving that view of gorgeous face framed behind a fucking double armload/chestpile of massive dream tits; a fave move of mine when huge titted models grab and cradle their incredible tits up proud and pridefully on their chest for full softness and robust and concentrated presentation. The fact she likes to look at her work, and she knows the power and pleasure it gives the TSG faithful makes her a billion times hotter....Keep knockin' em' down hon, you are fantastic!
1 year ago 
It is always a wonderful time when Roxi Red pays a visit to Scoreland. Your dick gets very hard and you have to jerk off several times to regain your composure. I've been a subscriber to Score for about 20 years. Roxi is definitely one of my top ten favorite models. Her face and body are most pleasing to behold.

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Roxi Red opens the show with an introduction before she does her first anal sex scene. "I'm a little nervous and I'm also excited at the same time," Roxi says, waiting in bed for things to start. When Roxi first started at SCORE, she usually had a serious expression. Over time, she began to relax more and more. Here, she's smiling and looks eager. Our cameraman asks her if her butthole will open up...if it's going to be a challenge. Roxi says it will be. He asks her why. "It's tight, for one," Roxi replies. "And you know, this is all kinda new to me. I've had anal sex before. You just have to be slow and cautious with me. I've tried cowgirl position and also on my side." Roxi and the photographer went to a sex store to buy a few things for this scene. (One of the perks of being a photographer. The clerks must have flipped out.) Her purple mesh dress was one purchase. Roxi gets off the bed to model it. She would not got out wearing it, Roxi says. Roxi also bought another item. A butt plug. She used it the night before this scene. Roxi describes what she did to open up her tush-pipe, and with a little lube, all went according to plan. Roxi said she'd like it best if her partner played with her pussy during the anal. Usually the guys in Roxi's scenes are on the quiet side. Dray's never seen Roxi before and he's happily stunned when he sees her. He talks about her tits, asks Roxi questions and enjoys touching them. He keeps burying his face in them and describes what that's like. Roxi likes his nipple sucking. Roxi sits on the edge of the bed to suck Dray's dick. He's eager to stick his cock between her tits and fuck them. Like other guys before him, his cock vanishes in Roxi's cleavage. He tit-fucks Roxi some more on the bed, straddling her chest. Roxi gets her pussy fucked first. Then Dray inserts the butt plug to open her ass, doing it carefully and methodically. Roxi gets hotter and hotter, and when he fucks her ass in doggie, then in missionary, she goes totally wild.
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