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Roxi Red looks awesome in her skimpy white top and traffic-stopping denim short-shorts. Her stud plays with her major mounds, then creates a one-girl wet T-shirt contest by pouring water on Roxi's top, making it see-through. Roxi is stripped down totally naked and gets on her knees to suck his nine-incher. She has a thick bush too, a rare sight these days but one much appreciated by muff lovers. Huge tits, a sexy body and a bush. Roxi drools, licks and kisses his shaft and nuts until it's as wet as her dangling jugs. She is an excellent cock sucker. Now it's time to fuck. Roxi gets on her side for a side-winder position. Can she take this trouser-python? Roxi had never made videos until SCORE found her.
Featuring: Roxi Red and Johnny Champ
Date: November 20th, 2013
Duration: 26:12

Member Comments

1 year ago 
this video in my opinion is the best ever made: here Roxi reach the perfection. After this she has never been so gourgeous.
2 years ago 
Thanks, Roxi! What a fun ride!
4 years ago 
I once watched a History Channel special called "Cleavage" (seriously!). It was about the history of women exposing their cleavage, the various forms of dress, etc... A woman on there who was supposedly an expert said, "There is no cleavage without a bra." Thankfully, there are women like Roxi, and others, to prove her wrong. Love you, Roxi! :-*
4 years ago 
can't get enough of Roxy, she is truly a wonder of nature, tall, massive firm breasts, come fuck me face .....i'm going crazy!!
4 years ago 
You need to do whatever you need to keep this girl coming back to Scoreland. I mean anything and everything to keep this girl. Not only does she have a great face and body, belonging to the exclusive "20 Club", but she even does hardcore. The amount of focus and calm she had throughout the scene staring straight to the camera was great. Please give us more photos and videos of Roxi, this momma is a keeper.
4 years ago 
I love this girl

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Roxi Red opens the show with an introduction before she does her first anal sex scene. "I'm a little nervous and I'm also excited at the same time," Roxi says, waiting in bed for things to start. When Roxi first started at SCORE, she usually had a serious expression. Over time, she began to relax more and more. Here, she's smiling and looks eager. Our cameraman asks her if her butthole will open up...if it's going to be a challenge. Roxi says it will be. He asks her why. "It's tight, for one," Roxi replies. "And you know, this is all kinda new to me. I've had anal sex before. You just have to be slow and cautious with me. I've tried cowgirl position and also on my side." Roxi and the photographer went to a sex store to buy a few things for this scene. (One of the perks of being a photographer. The clerks must have flipped out.) Her purple mesh dress was one purchase. Roxi gets off the bed to model it. She would not got out wearing it, Roxi says. Roxi also bought another item. A butt plug. She used it the night before this scene. Roxi describes what she did to open up her tush-pipe, and with a little lube, all went according to plan. Roxi said she'd like it best if her partner played with her pussy during the anal. Usually the guys in Roxi's scenes are on the quiet side. Dray's never seen Roxi before and he's happily stunned when he sees her. He talks about her tits, asks Roxi questions and enjoys touching them. He keeps burying his face in them and describes what that's like. Roxi likes his nipple sucking. Roxi sits on the edge of the bed to suck Dray's dick. He's eager to stick his cock between her tits and fuck them. Like other guys before him, his cock vanishes in Roxi's cleavage. He tit-fucks Roxi some more on the bed, straddling her chest. Roxi gets her pussy fucked first. Then Dray inserts the butt plug to open her ass, doing it carefully and methodically. Roxi gets hotter and hotter, and when he fucks her ass in doggie, then in missionary, she goes totally wild.
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