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Roxanne Miller (covergirl, December '12 Voluptuous plus two layouts in SCORE magazine) is part of a wave of awesomeness emerging from Romania in recent years. In fact, traveling to Romania to photograph Roxanne led to finding Estelle Taylor totally by chance. Roxanne kicks off this scene--literally--with her spiked boots and sexy corset. "Depending on my mood, I might be a bad mistress or I might be the sweetest, most passive girl," says Miss Miller who is definitely in bad girl mode in this tough-girl outfit. Does the little badass angel on Roxanne's shoulder talk her into having sex in public places. She does. "A forest, near a castle, in a cave near the road, in a park, in a train station. These are the public places where I have had fun. Never got caught though. It was amazing.
Featuring: Roxanne Miller
Date: May 20th, 2013
Duration: 13:54

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5 years ago 
Thanks for such a beautiful model video.

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Roxanne Miller is a model, blogger, poet, university student, radio DJ and all-around hottie. The brunette Voluptuous Girl from Romania with very big boobs and a curvy tush exerts serious pressure on her lacy, skimpy teddy in this video and complementary photo set. What is the most sensitive part of your breasts? Roxanne: My nipples. What makes your nipples hard? Roxanne: I have a shy nipple and a naughty nipple. They get hard when it's cold or when they get licked and sucked and teased. Do you like to have your nipples pinched or pulled? Roxanne: I do, but there is a fine line between pleasure and pain. I don't like pain on me. Do you like them sucked hard or soft? Roxanne: When it's too hard it hurts and it becomes a turn off. It's the same with the clit. Do jealous women ever say anything about your breasts? Roxanne: Some stare, some think that if I have big boobs I am also a bimbo. But who cares about them? Let them be frustrated, je m'en fiche! ("I couldn't care less.") Do you watch adult movies? What kind do you like? Roxanne: I do watch adult movies and I do masturbate when I watch them. I need to cum a lot. I like the erotic kind of adult movies. I like to see the heat between the partners. That's what turns me on the most. Your favorite hobbies? Roxanne: I love photography and I love to pretend that I am a photographer. Some of the pics I take are good, but some are very bad. Listening to music is another thing that I love. I think it became some sort of a lifestyle. I have music for every single mood I have. I like to write. Mostly I write when I am sad or angry. This is how I let the bad energy go. And then I am happy and sweet again. And to not forget... I love making guys cum for me! This is a real special hobby, ha, ha!
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