SCORELAND Big Boob Videos
SCORELAND Big Boob Videos

Saloon Gal Of The Wild Wild West

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November 5th, 2013
"Girls with big boobs rule the world." That's Rockell's motto. And by coincidence, ours too. "Cleavage will get you a lot of places, girls. Use them to your advantage." Showing your gorgeous body off in SCORE like Rockell does is one route we strongly advocate. If Rockell lived back in the wild west of the late 1800s as this fantasy video and pictorial brings to life, there would have been no Klondike Gold Rush. There would have been a Rockell Big Boob Rush. There's better than gold in them thar hills! There's soft, warm all-naturals! Rockell says her special talent is singing karaoke. But she has much more talent than that. Rockell's a great model with a down-home, "real girl" personality. Being from a small town in Alabama, Rockell is the center of attention there. It's only natural. Rockell likes to have her nipples and pussy played with at the same time. Her nipples are very sensitive. She likes them tweaked and rubbed. It gets this southern belle very horny. She loves playing with her clit as you will see when Rockell invites you to her room for a private show. .