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How is Rockell, born and raised in Alabama, a true, down-home southern gal? "I spent many nights riding down dirt roads in the middle of nowhere," explains Rockell, her always bright-eyed, happy expression making everyone feel good. "We used to drink. That's what you do in little southern towns, because there isn't much else to do. You have bonfires and everyone gets together. Everyone knows everyone's business. In the South, there's a thing about southern generosity, and it's true. I've gone to other places where they weren't so hospitable, so I definitely love the South. Even here in south Florida!" Rockell's friends were as excited as she was when her first cover issue (February '13 Voluptuous) hit stores. She sent her friends into the store to see it. "I actually sent my friends in that day to see if they could find me.
Featuring: Rockell
Date: July 12th, 2013
Duration: 16:16

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2 years ago 
Oh Rockell. You are so beautiful and so red hot exotic sexy with those big plump wonderful suckable breast that when you set down on the floor and started rubbing that sweet wet lovely woman cunt pussy my long rock solid hard dick just started to throb and tingle and all of a sudden by itself it started to erupt with my hot load of sperm juice spirting out all over the place which felt so hevanly good I could hardly stand it. You are so good and amazing at what you do I want you to do a lot more hot video's like this one so I can have such intense pleasure. You are really great at what you do to make us so horny.
4 years ago 
What a feast for the eyes!
4 years ago 
Loved the show Rockell! Love your beautiful face, curvy
body, sweet voice, and the way you went from being a hot
secretary to shaking your gorgeous tits, then playing with
yourself while talking to us. I'm from the south too!
C'mon down y'all ;)
4 years ago 
Rockell you rock my world,very good pussy rubbing and your
tits are beautiful your face as well
4 years ago 
But the real question is....can she take dictation?

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