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February 25th, 2014
"I've had this wonderful fantasy for years and just never got to enjoy it," Rita Daniels said, "and that is getting fucked in the ass. And I have a little boy toy here. He's going to fuck me in the ass like I've never been fucked before, and this is all for you." One of the most popular MILFS ever at TSG, sexually ravenous Rita was 59-years-old, a few weeks away from her 60th birthday, when she opened her butthole for Mr. Happy in this scene. Lovely Rita loves fucking and swallowing the muff marauder and she loves it even more when she's got a camera focused on her fucking for the entertainment pleasure of uncountable guys, knowing they have a lump in their jeans watching her. No wonder Rita bonded with super-MILF Sally D'Angelo. Birds of a feather fuck together.