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SCORELAND Big Boob Videos

Rachel Love's Big Wet Tits

Rachel Love - XXX Big Tits video
August 2nd, 2008
Rachel Love gets soaked in one of those typical Scoreland downpours. Fortunately (for us), she's wearing a thin, white shirt that sticks to her chest when its wet and becomes see-through. Just another typical, happy day in Scoreland. Rachel's car isn't starting so she needs to use a phone and knocks on this dude's door. No one answers so Rachel runs around the place trying to get in. Her running provides good bouncing boobs action. She opens the door and comes in, soaked and excited. That proves to be the sight that sends her new fuck-buddy over the edge and between her 36F tits. Rachel is very accomodating. Nuturing. Eager to please. When a stiff shaft is in the picture, a car repair can wait until Rachel performs her own kind of Love magic. Welcome back, Rachel Love, after a five year absence. The old saying is very true. Absence makes the bone grow harder. Running Time: 22:38 See Rachel's photos in Hardcore Special!